I took Mr. Cobblepott to the vet today for a checkup.  He was a little fussy in the car on the way there and, as Amanda later told me, on the way back.  She picked him up on the way home from work.  As we knew they would say, we were told that he’s a couple pounds overweight.  We already have him on weight control food, so they suggested lessening the portions some and making sure he does active things.

Work was pretty slamming today.  Nothing much of interest, just lots to do.  Sales leads have picked up a bit lately, which is a nice thing.

I hadn’t heard back from anyone about Andra, my baby sister, yesterday so I tried calling around to see if I could find out how things went for her doctor visit.  I finally got ahold of my dad and he told me that she had indeed miscarried.  I have to admit that I was a little jealous that Andra was already having another baby, but I really never would have wished this on her.  I left her a message on the answering machine just to let her know that we were thinking of her.
After work Amanda and I went to have dinner PT’s Grill, the one on College, to meet up with Mike Paschal and his girlfriend Kirsten.  When we walked in we saw Matt and Melissa Davis there.  Mike had invited them out too.  We all had a good time just eating burgers and talking and such.  Afterwards we all walked across the street to play Guitar Hero II at Studio 3.  Each couple got to play a round.  We were going to stick around to see Matt Blair’s performance (I forgot to mention that he is in town- Amanda and I talked to him a bit on Sunday when we saw him at Sweet and Savory), but the food was getting to Amanda so we went on home.

Back home we watched Heroes, which was an episode that filled in a lot of the gaps between the first and current season.  I thought it was a pretty good episode.  We then watched Beauty and the Geek then Amanda went to bed.  It feels odd for her to just go to bed like that, so we want to find another devotionals book soon. You do something for about six months and it begins to feel out of place when you don’t do it.

When she went to bed I got on Halo 3.  Amanda’s coworker, Billy Supplee, was online so I played with him and a friend of his for a few rounds.  Michael got on soon after and the party grew from there.  We had several good matches.  Eventually it dwindled down to four of us.  We played a few ranked Team Slayer matches but we lost all of them and finally we all got off too.

Zach Dotsey