The thing that sucks about having moved the office downstairs is that there’s not a computer upstairs, so if I want to know what the weather will be like for the day and I don’t have the iPhone on me, I have to talk all the way downstairs and to the back of the house.  Or I guess I could stick my head out the door.  But I like having whatever information I want whenever I want it.  If I had to give up the iPhone, that’s what I would miss the most- being able to pull it out and find out whatever I want to find out.

Work has gotten busy again.

Small group was good tonight.  Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson didn’t make it since her grandmother was in this week visiting from California, but everyone else was here and while there wasn’t a great deal of structure to our conversation, there was a lot of good talking going on.

After everybody left I checked up on Carolina’s season opener, which was against Davidson.  Davidson is a decent mid-major, and they ended up only losing to Carolina by four.  From what I’ve read, Carolina was playing terribly and Daivdson missed some gimmies down the stretch.  Man oh man would I have loved for them to lose.  Pre-season number one, all hyped up and nearly knocked off in their first game.  Davidson is a decent team, but I think this woke some Heels fans up to the fact that their team isn’t as unbeatable as a lot of them liked to think.

After Amanda went to bed I caught up on all three of my shows on the DVR- Kid Nation, Journeyman and Boston Legal.

Harvey was upstairs with Amanda for a while.  She called me up to take him downstairs after a while though because he was scratching himself and not letting up.  It was worms.  We had to clean up bit of his worms.  Nastiness.  We really need to get him to the vet, particularly before he gets Bruce or Cobb infected.

Zach Dotsey