Work was busy enough to get back to bordering on stressful today.  We could use another me and another Tim.

Amanda went out to eat at Olive Garden with everyone at work tonight. There’s been a domain issue with my new site, GameCals, but I was told this evening that that had been taken care of, so I started working a bit on it.  It’s a work in progress.

Amanda got home just before 9:00, in time to watch The Office.  As she was walking in I had noticed that Harvey had snuck upstairs and had chewed on some paper.  Of note, he had gotten into and ruined the majority of an unopened pack of 4×6 photo paper.

So Amanda and I watched The Office and Scrubs.  She watched a little bit of 30 Rock before heading to bed.  I can’t remember what it was, but there was another particularly good line in this episode.  It really is a good comedy.  I watched the second half of number three Memphis beat Oklahoma.  They didn’t seem to really get much past an eight point deficit.

Zach Dotsey