At some point today that the really nice, expensive blanket that we usually keep decoratively hung over the back of the love seat, given us by one of Amanda’s mom’s friends (Miss Bonnie I think) was missing a chunk. I mean it looked like a whole strip had been just ripped off of it. The only thing I could figure was that Harvey had eaten it. Harvey ate a blanket. He also snuck upstairs and ruined a good bit of 4×6 photo paper. On the upside, he hasn’t peed on anything in a bit. I’ve probably just cursed that.

I did some work on my new site tonight while Amanda and I watched TV. Other than work still being busy, that was pretty much it today.

Michael had come by to wash some laundry today.  He was watching something on the Discovery Channel when a commercial for Jared’s came on.  (Jared’s in a jewelry retailer.)  He hates that commercial.  I hate that commercial.  We both hate it so much that he rewound it so we could both watching it and gnash our teeth at it.  It takes place in a restaurant where a guy is giving a diamond engagement ring to a woman and each person passes along to the next in amazement, “He went to Jared’s!”  There’s one woman who pulls aside a curtain and sticks her head out like a hawk and repeats in a haughty jealous tone, “He went to Jared’s?”  But the worst part is the guy who I guess is the restaurant manager who, in flamboyantly sweeping gestures, hurries along someone pushing a cart of food and tells them that “He went to Jared’s!” as though this fact earns their party special treatment.  Then he appears again in the final shot of of the commercial raising a lid off the food that then flames up as he makes a grand, sweeping presentation of the food.  All because “he went to Jared’s.”

I hate those commercials, but I guess they do their job in getting their message across and sticking it in your mind, one way or another.

Zach Dotsey