Amanda and I had fun this morning.  We got up like most any other Saturday morning (which was a nice thing considering a later  occurrence, and I’m not talking about an argument or anything).  After we took our showers and all Bruce was playing with his favorite toy, Brown Sonic.  Harvey came up and kept trying to take it.  Bruce would hold onto one end and Harvey the other and they would both pull.  As much bigger as Harvey is he would drag Bruce across the floor a little.  We kept taking Brown Sonic from Harvey and giving him back to Bruce because Brown Sonic is a bit of a sentimental toy for us for Bruce.  The original had actually been destroyed by Amanda’s parents’ dog, Paddy, but we never told Bruce that.

Bruce used to be able to squeak his toys, but for some reason he got pretty bad at it over the years even though you can see him trying.  He did manager to squeak Brown Sonic once today though.

Anyway we had fun watching them play.  When Harvey first came upstairs he started to run under the bed (which is inaccessible to Harvey) but then he stopped, grabbed Brown Sonic then ran him to safety under the bed too.  But then Bruce would put Brown Sonic near the edge of the bed trying to bait Harvey.  He also played the game with him where he would run out from under the bed and try to get Harvey to chase him then run right back under the bed or under the papasan in the former office.

We made plans to have lunch with Karen Malay, a friend of Amanda’s from college.  She was in town for a seminar for her law firm and had been since Thursday, but she’d been pretty busy up to today, when she finished, so we met her downtown for lunch after she was done with everything.  We were cleaning up the house for a while but after it was decided that we were going to go out to meet Karen instead of having her come by the house, Amanda decided she was tired of cleaning and picking up.

So we went out and met Karen at the Hilton.  We walked through the Cotton Exchange and stopped by the Port City Java there to say hi to Michael, Amanda’s brother, before we headed a few blocks down the street to the Reel Cafe.  The two of them caught up a bit then we all walked back and headed our separate ways.

I was tired for some reason at that point so Bruce and I took a nap.  After a bit Amanda and I went to Wal-Mart as we are pretty low on supplies, but even finding a parking spot was difficult so we just figured we’d go on home after stopping by Target to pick up some necessities.  Amanda ate a bagel when we got back and I had a bowl of cereal.  It was a bit cold out so we had some toffee-flavored hot chocolate.

Zach Dotsey