I called the vet, Dineen Animal Hospital, first thing today. It kept ringing busy, so I called back a little later and set up a time to take Harvey in to get de-wormed next week. Tuesday.

Work was pretty busy. It was 1:00 before I knew it, and if I didn’t have to run to the bank to deposit a check it would have probably been 5:00 before I thought to take a break. I had an epiphany yesterday that the reason work has seemed so much tougher lately is that I’ve gone back to doing some project management, so I’m back to doing that plus sales and support.

Tim Henrich, who just moved over the weekend, doesn’t have internet yet at his house. He and I discussed a few things over the phone including the tough time he was having locating a place to work with wireless internet. It’ll be worth the wait though- he’s getting fiber optic installed.

My good buddy Jason Revill got me to look up a website today- I won’t share it here because it is literally one of the nastiest things I have ever witnessed. It’s so nasty that it’s crazy difficult to find it online, but super easy to find videos of reactions people have had to watching this video. It was horrendous. I tried to trick my brother Adam into watching it, but he turned it off after a few seconds. I’m going to get Michael, my brother-in-law, to watch it. I told Amanda about it, but I didn’t have the heart to try to get her to watch it herself.

Speaking of Adam, I went over to his place after work. There are a number of songs on Guitar Hero III that you can’t unlock without playing the multiplayer game, and since his girlfriend Renee Sikes wasn’t too forthcoming on the help I decided to step in. We unlocked three or four new songs in a little under two hours of play. I had to try to get home around 7:00 because Amanda was hungry and we were having chicken parm.

The chicken parm we ate came frozen in a bag. Kristen Barriner introduced us to it maybe a month ago when she brought some for dinner for small group and we really liked it. Amanda asked me to stop by Wal-Mart on the way home to pick up an extra bag because she wanted to make sure she had enough for tomorrow’s lunch.

On the way to Adam’s I talked to my dad a little bit. He called me back a bit later to make sure I knew there was a Duke game on tonight, which I thought was pretty nice of him. I talked to Andra on the way home and in Wal-Mart. Jackson talked to me a bit too. He even put his finger on Andra’s lips while she was talking to me and told her that he was talking to me. He told me something about mommy shutting the door, and she explained that he had been misbehaving a bit and even (lightly) hit her leg, so she had punished him. I asked Jackson if he hit his mommy and he said his mommy had hit him, which I thought was hilarious. Andra suggested picking up some Flintstones Kids vitamins.

She’s doing fine, by the way, in the wake of her miscarriage. She and Josh (who got an Xbox 360 and Halo 3, so I’m sure I’ll be playing online with him soon) haven’t yet decided what to do with the ultrasound photo they have on the fridge yet. She told Jackson, but he of course doesn’t fully understand. He told her the other day, quite solemnly, that he had a baby in his tummy.

I got home, we ate and then we watched How I Met Your Mother then the Duke-Princeton game. The game was the first of three over the next three nights for Duke in the Maui Invitational. Duke is 9-0 in the Maui Invitational. Well, 10-0 now. For a while Duke held Princeton to four points, 31-4 in fact. Kyle Singler, Gerald Henderson and DeMarcus Nelson looked great. Greg Paulus is doing much better than last year and Brian Zoubek has shown some definite improvement. Duke got up to a 30 point lead and it hovered around 25 for most of the game, but the final score was 83-61. The second half was a bit ugly.

Right now Arizona State and Illinois are fighting for the honor to play Duke tomorrow night. With just under seven minutes left it looks like it’s going to be Illinois. I was hoping it would be Arizona State so Coach K could face off once again with Herb Sendek and Eric Boateng would get a chance to play with a couple of his old teammates. Actually, of that class only Martynas Pocius and Greg Paulus are left. Boateng and Jamal Boykin transferred last year and Josh McRoberts (who made his NBA debut against the Carolina Heelcats, I’m sorry, the Charlotte Bobcats, tonight) went to the NBA.

My final adjusted fantasy football score was 195-124. I could have cracked 200 again if I’d played Drew Brees.

Zach Dotsey