Today featured an inordinately high number of newsletters being sent out.  Of course, it was because Thanksgiving is in two days, but still it really seemed like the biggest part of my day was spent handling newsletters.  I feel like I got a bit done today, but I felt pretty stressed for most of the day.  Amanda had a rough day too, so along with a chicken she picked up a bottle of wine from the grocery store on the way home.

We watched a little TV then I was thinking the Duke game came on at 9:00, but it actually came on at 9:30.  Amanda was tired and was planning on going to bed within the hour anyway, so even though I offered to let her watch something on the big TV in the living room she declined.  We watched a bit of Journeyman then at 9:30 I switched to the game.  I watched some more of Journeyman during halftime and finished it after the game.

Duke played Illinois today, and with their large front court they were a pretty good matchup for Duke.  They started off in the lead but then Duke went on a run and got up to a seventeen point lead in the first half, although in the final two minutes of it Illinois came back a bit.  They started off alright in the second half too and came to within three I think, but Duke put it into gear and got up to I think a twenty point or so point lead before finally finishing 79-66.  They were killed on the boards I think.  Coach K played a smaller rotation tonight- Pocius and McClure weren’t in the game at all and Taylor King was in only very briefly.  DeMarcus Nelson looked really good, playing like he wanted to prove something, and Gerald Henderson had an awesome game.  Zoubek is still showing improvement.  The team’s got a little ways to go yet, but they’re looking really, really good.

I got on the Xbox 360 for a couple games of Halo 3, but nobody I knew was on and I wasn’t feeling it.  My brother-in-law Josh Sawyer just got an Xbox 360 and had added me to his friends list, but he wasn’t on when I got on.

Ahh, one more day of work then a break.

Zach Dotsey