Work busyish but not terribly so. Had to go out for paycheck then back out to mail some CDs because I forgot to take them on my first trip.

Amanda got off early. I finished up some stuff and we left a little after 4. Got to Richlands and hung out a bit in the shop. Phil made a stocking hanger for us and I went back to the house to finish an item for work.

Back out to the shed, Amanda went in to turn on the oven for when Karen got home with pizza. Phil and I played darts. He came back and won then we went in and ate pizza.

We tried introducing Karen to Pushing Daisies but the dogs were riled up and making noise. Everyone watched Criminal Minds, which is apparently a great show, but Andra called and I talked to her. Michael showed up while she and I were talking.

Duke played at 10:00 against Marquette for the Maui Invitational Championship. Marquette started off with a lttle lead but Duke came back and got as much as a nine point lead eventually. It got tied up a few times when Marquette came out strong in the second half and it came down to a nail biter, but Duke was able to avenge last year’s loss in another tournament final. Duke remains undefeated in Maui, 12-0. Two of the other years they won it they went on to win a national championship. The score, by the way, was 77-73. Duke is ranked 13 in the AP poll and 10 in the ESPN poll and Marquette 11 and 13. It’s the toughest game and the best win by an ACC team so far.

Happy Thanksgiving!

After the game Michael showed me Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect.

Zach Dotsey