Bruce and Harvey mostly did pretty well last night. Bruce was in the bed with me and Amanda and Harvey was in his crate, but it was the first night he’d spent in the dame room wth us. He did fine until Bruce started wanting out anyway. I had to let them both outside.

Most of the day was pretty uneventful. Amanda and I got up and took a shower then went to have breakfast at the Piggly Wiggly with Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer. (The Richlands Piggly Wiggly, which is a grocery store for you non-locals, has a restaurant in it.)  The Pig (as it’s known colloquially) didn’t have all the groceries Amanda and Karen needed so we went to another one, whichever one it is by the McDonalds. Food Lion maybe? Anyway they went in and I stayed in the van looking at the Duke message boards and sharing in what a good win last night’s victory over Marquette was.

When we got back to the house Amanda worked on making some tiramisu while I started a game of Mass Effect on Michael’s Xbox 360 to check that game out. I ended up playing one of the 2008 NBA games with Michael against my better judgment (as I suck at basketball games). I did awful on the first one and started out okay the second time but still ended up losing pretty badly.

We headed over to Amanda’s grandparents’ house around 3:00. I felt compelled to take some pictures at the park next to their house so I did that.

We expected the Frazelle crew to come by after they visited with Barry’s parents, but an old friend of theirs had come by shortly before they were about to leave so they didn’t get there until we were starting on dessert. Don’t worry- they’d already eaten their Thanksgiving meal.

After everyone had had their fill we all sat around talking and such. Michael stuck post-it notes on me proclaiming that I have some sort of love for the Tar Heels while I napped on the recliner. We left around 9:00 to head back to Wilmington.

I talked to a number of family members today. I talked to Andra around 9:00 this morning. She put Jackson on the phone and he sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He stopped Andra from singing with him part if the way through so he could do it himself.

Dad returned a phone call after we’d eaten breakfast. He and Mom had been at church earlier. He told me that Pap, my grandpa, was being brought home from the nursing home by uncles Bernie and Steve.

I talked to Adam briefly. He was in Gastonia visiting with Renee’s family. They’ll be watching Jackson either tomorrow or Saturday, I forget which.

Aunt Robbie called while we were on the way back from breakfast. Nothing too new with her, but if course it was food to hear from her.

I talked to Pap after dinner. Of course I already mentioned that be was able to come home today, do I think that was a nice Thanksgiving gift for him. He sounded good.

Erin returned a call after dinner as well. She was with her boyfriend’s family. We chatted for a few minutes. She sounds like she’s doing okay.

For the last couple weeks I’ve been recording The Price is Right on the DVR because Adam’s good old friend Joe Runkle was in it. We were afraid we’d missed it but I’d been going through the episodes just in case. Today there were three episodes, and sure enough Joe got on stage as the last contestant on the last episode. It was cool to see him there on the TV.

Zach Dotsey