I stayed up a bit last night to watch the Carolina Tar Heels play against Old Dominion, but it started at midnight so I was in and out of it in the first half. I woke up a few minutes after the game was over, rewound the DVR, saw that Carolina had won by 12, put the dogs out to pee in disgust then went to bed and shared the news with a sleepily indifferent Amanda.

Harvey was making a little noise early this morning.  Usually he stops after a few minutes, but in the interest of letting Karen sleep (Harvey, being in the Orange Room, would be pretty easy to hear from where Karen was sleeping in the Green Room) I let Harvey come sleep with me and Amanda and Bruce and Cobb upstairs.  He napped with us nicely for the rest of the morning until we got up.

Karen treated me and Amanda to a Cracker Barrel breakfast.  It took forever again, but in their defense a lot of people were out shopping today and we got there a little later than usual.  Amanda kept trying to hurry Karen up before we left, but she kept getting distracted.

After breakfast they went Christmas shopping.  After they got back Karen told me that she had to run back out to pick up some things for Amanda, so I went with her and got most of my Amanda Christmas shopping done. I treated Karen to a pretzel as we were heading out of the mall.

We got back to see that Amanda had done some Christmas decorating.  She put out all the little houses and moved a few things around.

Karen left after a bit.  She’d had a long day, going back and forth so much to the house and back out to shop twice.  After she’d gone Amanda and I watched a little TV.  I stayed up and watched the Carolina-BYU game for the Las Vegas Invitational, or whatever it was called.  The Tar Heels won of course, but Brigham-Young stayed with them the whole time.  I honestly don’t think they look like the number one team in the nation.  I mean yes, they’ve had a couple sizable wins against low-tier competition, but they’ve struggled mightily against moderate to low competition.

Zach Dotsey