Amanda and I started off the day like we do most Sundays by going to church. After that we went by Atlanta Bread for breakfast. I decided without telling Amanda that we’d go to Barnes & Noble afterwards, so she was confused as to why I was driving in the wrong direction in the parking lot.

We went by Lowe’s after that. We’ve been debating on whether or not to get a Christmas tree. We’re going to be away most weekends this month, and we’re not expecting a whole lot of company, so we’re just not sure about spending time and money on a tree this year. We have even thought about getting a narrow artificial tree, but we couldn’t find one like what we had in mind and neither of us is big on fake Christmas trees anyway. We did end up picking up a baby evergreen of some kind (I want to say spruce?) that is supposed to take about 35 years to grow seven feet. Amanda put it with the miniature holiday houses and threw some lights on it (we picked up a couple small strands while we were at Lowe’s) and it looks nice. It’s not big enough to put present under, but it’s something.

Duke played Eastern Kentucky at 1:00. Nobody was really worried about the game, and Duke won handily (78-43) but I wasn’t totally happy with the game. Despite the numbers the offense wasn’t great and both teams went on stretches where they didn’t score. Duke’s defense was really stifling though, and Taylor King had a really good game with 27 points (a Duke record for points off the bench). The stats were good, but Duke should have won by more than 35. That sounds nit-picky and perhaps spoiled, but they really should have.  Most negative, Martynas Pocius rolled his ankle and looked to be in a bit of pain.  The kid can’t keep his ankles healthy.  Hopefully it’s nothing major.  It happened when he landed funny (possibly tripping over Brian Zoubek) after going to a putback.
Karen had told Amanda that she saw some inexpensive artificial Christmas trees in a K-mart flier so we went to take a look. Nada. I guess they were out of the ones she saw. We were going to pick up some presents for Jackson while we were there, but the lines were ridiculously long so we just went on home.

Amanda had put some beef stew in the crock pot but we didn’t have it in long enough so we’re just going to eat it tomorrow I guess. We had grilled cheese for dinner instead.

Zach Dotsey