Last night Amanda had asked me to put away the beef stew, which was still hot when she was going to bed.  She went ahead and put some in a Tupperware container for lunch today, and asked me to put that away too.  I put away the beef stew in the crock pot but I didn’t see the Tupperware one.  In fact, I glanced around for it then looked in the fridge and saw a container that looked like it had beef stew in it.  It didn’t.  The Tupperware container was on the stove, and I had overlooked it so Amanda had to throw that out.  I felt bad about not only the waste, but the fact that she had to get her lunch together in a hurry.

Man, today was back to work with a vengeance.  I had one client to smooth things over with and another, an old dear client, shutting down their business due to several factors.  Then there were just lots of other things to do.  Fun fun.  And tomorrow I have to take Harvey to the vet to get wormed.  De-wormed I guess.

After work, well after work, I ran out to pick up some things for Amanda that were being held for her.  They’re actually presents from Karen, her mother, who wanted to use a coupon that she couldn’t use a few days ago when she was here.  So I ran back out to pick them up.  I would have just gone tomorrow since the mall is very close to Dineen Animal Hospital, where I’m taking Harvey tomorrow, but they were only holding until the end of the day today.

Amanda decided she didn’t want beef stew for lunch and wanted a breakfast dinner instead.  By the time I got home she had an egg pie waiting and put in some cinnamon rolls when we finished.  It (the egg pie) was very filling, so between that and the beef stew we’ve got plenty to eat for the next little bit.

She wasn’t feeling well this evening either.  She’d started feeling some cold symptoms at work, but hopefully Amanda’s not getting sick.  Not a good time of year for that, although oddly many people go for it.

After dinner I finished up a little work then we watched a new How I Met Your Mother and Heroes with a rerun of Big Bang Theory in between the two.  Next week is being billed as the Heroes finale.  I think they were planning on doing the season as sort of two separate seasons, so I don’t know if it’s technically a finale.  Doesn’t much matter I guess.  Anyway, the episode ended with Hiro charging an electrically charged Peter with his sword because of their opposing views about Adam/Takedo Kensei.  That’s such a comic book thing- two good guys fighting when a slight bit of extra dialog would have averted the whole mess.

Speaking of Adam, I talked to him tonight and he’s being sent to Annapolis for a couple of days for work.  That’s pretty cool.  I wish I got to travel a little with my job.  I guess if I didn’t have a mortgage I could travel and work.  I just need to get rich so I can travel whenever I want.

Harvey has been chewing on a lot of things lately.  Today alone he ripped a magnet out of a kissing teddy bear (the magnet on the other bear makes them kiss), tore up one cashmere sock of Amanda’s, dragged the expensive blanket he took a chunk out of last week into the office, possible with another missing piece (did I mention we saw some of the blanket in his poop last week?) and he’s been chewing on the cotton we use to look like snow on the miniature holiday houses.  I’m going to have to start keeping him closed up with me when I work.  Hopefully that will work out okay.

The bright spot of my day came when I heard that Carolina had lost their number one ranking.  UCLA is now the new number one in the coaches poll, although they’re still number one in the AP poll.  Duke is number seven now in both.

Speaking of basketball, Pocius had sprained his ankle.  Hopefully he’ll be better soon.

Segueing into football, Duke’s head football coach, Ted Roof, has been let go.  They’ve only won one game this year.  Hopefully they’ll have more success with whoever replaces him.  I don’t care about football nearly as much as I do (college) basketball, but I’ll pull for Duke’s football team out of sentiment.  I remember going to a number of Duke football games growing up.

On another football note, I caught the end of the the Miami Dolphins-Pittsburgh Steelers Monday Night Football game.  The score was 0-0 and ended up at 3-0.  I was pulling for Miami for two reasons: they are winless for the season so far, which is sad, and my dad used to pull for them.  I don’t know if he really cares anymore, but still.  Unfortunately, the 3 was on the Steelers’ side.  The field was ridiculously wet too, which definitely had something to do with the score.  Every time a player moved water would just slosh off the ground.  I bet, frustration aside, it was fun to play in.
The upside to such a low scoring game, for me, is that I was playing Josh in the fantasy football league this week and he had several Pittsburgh players.  I won handily.

Zach Dotsey

Zach Dotsey