This is getting really annoying. This is the third time I’ve typed this out. The first time, FireFox locked up but I was able to get a screen capture so I could at least see what I’d written so far. The second time I thought to myself I’d written out enough that I should save it. So I hit the save button and it froze up again. Really a pisser. I’m supposing the problem may have been that I had the TV going on the computer and it was causing some sort of conflict, so while I’m writing this I’m missing a close game between unranked (but respectably so) USC and number two Memphis. USC was ahead by four or so with under ten minutes to go, and if Memphis loses that will help put Duke up in the rankings.

Carolina was bumped up to number one when UCLA lost the other day, if I haven’t mentioned that yet, which I’m pretty sure I haven’t. If rankings were based solely on performance in a season thus far and it was not inflated by pre-season expectations, I feel pretty certain that Duke (and a few other teams) would be ranked above Carolina right now. That’s okay though. Even though Duke is number six or seven, depending on which poll you like, I still feel like we’re a little under the radar.

I think I’m going to finish watching the game then re-type what I’ve typed out twice already.

USC lost in overtime. And I’ve decided I’m not going to word-for-word retype what I’ve already typed.

Amanda went to the mall for lunch with a couple other girls from work and got a shirt from Express for her office’s Christmas party (which is Friday). She also saw some other shirt that she fell in love with and wants for Christmas.

We had leftovers for dinner and watched the first half of Carolina’s 106-71 murder of Penn. Halftime was at 8:00, at which time we switched over to the season finale of Beauty and the Geek. I checked back during a commercial and the Heels were up by about twenty, so I figured there was no point in checking back again after that.

Dave and Jasmine won Beauty and the Geek. This time America got to vote for the winning couple. We didn’t vote, but we were going for them. They seemed to have changed more than the other couple, Sam and Nicole. Sam and Nicole were the surprise couple- she was the geek and he was the beauty. I think it ended up being a bit unfair because Sam won most of the beauty challenges and it also lessened the opportunity for a geek to hook up with a beauty.

Anyway, after that we watched Reaper. One of the nice things about the writers’ strike is that there’s less TV for us to catch up on right now. I particularly like that because it’s basketball season.

Speaking of basketball, Martynas Pocious of my beloved Duke Blue Devils is out for the season. He re-injured his ankle against Eastern Kentucky and the announcement was made today. Hopefully he’ll redshirt and get an extra year of eligibility. The general consensus is that if he did he might see more playing time than he currently does. Marty seems to be well-liked by Duke fans despite his limited minutes and mediocre output. In Duke’s last ACC tournament game last year (which they ended up losing to NC State) he did really well, hitting five for five shots I believe. I like Pocious and hope he sticks around, but it seems like he never got enough playing time to get comfortable.

In other Duke news, Ken Pomeroy predicts that Duke will have two losses this season but statistically picks them to win every game.  Pomeroy’s is one of several well-respected ranking systems that looks at offensive and defensive numbers and a whole bunch of other numbers, figures, statistics and factors to rank teams.  It says the projected losses will be in conference play, and if Duke can go all regular season with not but two losses, as long as they’re not both against the Tar Heels I’d be more than happy with that.

For the record, I’d take three or four losses and a sweep of the Tar Heels over being undefeated by all but them, not the least of which reasons is that forever after they’d point out that Carolina beat and was therefore better than Duke in their otherwise undefeated season.

Michael had coffee with Katie Brower last night and said he might be getting together with her again tonight.  They went on a few dates in high school and she has been living here in Wilmington for a little while managing, I believe, a Chili’s.  Michael said she’ll soon be transferring to Jacksonville.  Katie is the younger sister of Amanda’s best friend, Amy (formerly Brower) Farmer.

Zach Dotsey