Today wasn’t the busiest ever at work, which is a good thing because I was on a conference call with Scott and Tim for over two hours. It was a good talk though. I also made good use out of the iPhone’s mute button as I really had to take a potty break. I finally had to cut out of the call for lunch. Amanda’s grandparents were coming to town and I was meeting them, Amanda and Michael for lunch (at Pizza Hut). I actually sat in the car for a few minutes after I got there even though I saw Michael’s and the Lemons’s cars there, but I finally told Scott and Tim that I had to go when I saw Amanda pull up.

I did call Tim after lunch to see what I’d missed, and a new direction for next year has been plotted wherein we’ll offer some services to other developers. Pretty exciting. Also during the talk we decided to offer an extra level of service to our “Pro” tier. We’re going to test giving direct IM access to us with a few of our clients.  We’ve also lined up a few projects that will show off a bit more of what we’re capable of as well as make things easier for some of our clients.
After work Amanda and I went to the Frazelle’s house. Amanda’s grandparents had come to town for two reasons: Peggy (Amanda’s grandma) had a dental appointment and we were celebrating her birthday. Seventy-six is it?  Amanda talked work as we drove over.  She generally likes her job and we’re both looking forward to the office Christmas party.  Their website was recently redone.  It’s not bad, but aside from the background color changing it didn’t look a whole heck of a lot different to me.  The person who was in charge of getting it done was in Charlotte and I’d dealt with her once before.  I thought we’d done a decent job for the minor maintenance we’d performed, but for some reason she didn’t consider us for the job.  It’s a shame though- I’d have flt a tremendous amount of pressure to make sure things were done well.  I mean, I always do what I can to make sure our clients are taken care of, but that my wife’s employer would have received particular care.  Oh well.

Speaking of relatives’ websites, Amanda’s grandfather, Earl, wanted to see the website we had built for Barry’s practice.  Barry came up while we were looking at it and remarked that, even though it has probably been up a year already, he’d never seen it.  He liked what he did see though and made a note to actually take a look at it at some point.  He did say that people had remarked that it was a nice site.

We had a very Thanksgivingish dinner complete with cranberry sauce from a can, an item Anna got special for me since I noted that I missed out on that on Thanksgiving.  She also had some whole wheat macaroni and cheese, which was quite yummy.  Dinner talk consisted mainly of enemas and innuendo.
Michael arrived from work a little after dinner and dessert.  He was a little annoyed because he’d gotten a parking ticket in a place he’d been parking in for months.  It was pointed out that if you consider how often he hadn’t paid, $15 was a pretty good deal.

Peggy opened presents as Michael ate his food.  We all sat around and talked.  Conversation tends to be good at the Frazelle household, so that’s always a pleasure.  I think we left to come back home around 9:30.

We’re out of trash bags.

Zach Dotsey