Work was good today.  I was planning on setting out to deliver something to one client earlier in the day, but the phone kept me from going as early as I wanted to.  Not that it made much of a difference.  Later in the afternoon I met with a prospective client who, less than an hour later, became a client.

I was talking on the phone to my buddy Jason Revill this evening.  He’s got a really good business idea but has no idea how to go about it.

Amanda came home while I was talking to Elliot Clark.  Elliot had been called into work as the only person in town who could do something that needed to be done, so he and Melissa were going to miss small group.  Kristen Barriner was out of town for her appraisal class so she and Rob we already knew weren’t coming, so it was down to me and Amanda and Kyle and Lorin Van Zandt.  Between the four of us we were bringing taco supplies together for dinner and now we had way more than we needed.  We ended up going to their apartment for dinner and Christmas movie watching.  We let Kyle pick, and he had a tough time choosing between Elf and Christmas Vacation, but it had been along time since he’d seen Christmas Vacation so he went with that.

Between all the food and the comfy couch and the dark room and the movie, I nodded off a little over halfway though.

Amanda and I came home and watched Scrubs then she went to bed.  While we were watching TV, Bruce was cuddled up next to me and Harvey walked from one couch to the next and came up sort of behind me and stuck his head under my arm.  I don’t know how he was comfortable, but it was very affectionate.

Zach Dotsey