Work today for just about everyone but me had to do mostly with trying to finish up a website for one our clients. Other than that (for me) it wasn’t overly busy.

Lorin called and told me about a family she’d overheard something about from a caseworker at the school where she works. The mom and dad have been out if work. A couple churches (including ours) have helped them with rent, money and some bills, but the two kid’s kept asking the dad when the Christmas tree was coming, so Lorin volunteered our small group (knowing we’d be interested in helping them out) to get them a tree. We’re going to take it to them on Sunday after I finish directing at church.

Amanda’s office’s Christmas party was tonight. She got home, tool a shower and started getting ready. She was pretty much set but thought (rightly) that her outfit would look better if the skirt she bought were a short one instead of a long one. She tried pinning it up, but that didn’t quite work out and she ended up cutting it along the ironed seam she’d made. She kept saying “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” but it looked good. I mean she looked sexy.

We picked up Amanda’s coworker Trish and her husband Mike then went on out to the party. Everyone commented on how good she looked. We sat with Alison and Mike and Cyra and her boyfriend, Jon. There was an open bar so every time I got a drink I  let the next person down the line order it. Jon didn’t get to order one because the bar was closed by the time it got to him, but he was planning on getting the hardest drink he could order. Anyway, we had fun. Charity kept suggesting things for me and Amanda to do when we got home.

We almost went out to a bar that a bunch of other people from the office were going to that had some 80’s cover band, but we decided to go on home instead, which I was just fine with.

Mark, the owner if the company Amanda works for, goes all out for the Christmas parties and we’ve always had fun at them. (This was our third.) They even provide rides for people who have had a few too many drinks.

David Pray did the music for the party. He’s a really good guy I met at church. Amanda, a while back, had even said that it would be cool to get him to do the music for the party and, lo and behold, there he was.

Zach Dotsey