Atlanta Bread for breakfast.

Talked to everyone about tree- small group, Polly, Frazelles, Don.

Went to Michael’s (the craft shop, not my brother-in-law’s place) for decoratable ornaments and paint to decorate them with.

Went to Petsmart to pick up a birthday present for Bruce. Got a little red bandana. Also looked at cats, since Karen actually suggested to Michael that he get another one to maybe help Mooo (no longer Mooo!) not be so hyper/restless.

Back home, watched Duke dominate Michigan. Big day for Taylor King and Nolan Smith. Great thing about this team is someone different seems to step up each game.

Kentucky played afterwards and didn’t fare so well against Indiana.

Amanda went with Michael to look at cats during the Duke game. He ended up getting one. Karen’s giving him money for it, I guess as part of his Christmas. The lady who was selling the cat to him was a little crazy. She kept telling him that the things he was doing or his ideas on how to take care of cats was wrong. She wouldn’t let them take the cat without a pet carrier and to avoid buying something he already had one of they called me to bring ours out there. There were times while I was standing there that I thought she was about to take the cat away from him.

Amanda finally had to say something when the lady brought up how Mochael was going to separately feed a cat and a kitten. He said he’d feed one in one room and the other in another. She about freaked out and went on about how cats should just have plenty of food left out for them to snack on all day and eat whenever they want. Amanda told her that that wasn’t what the vet had told us. She asked who our vet was and Amanda pointed off to her right directly at Petsmart’s in-house vet, Banfield. She also told her that our cat is overweight and gobbles up any food you leave out for him. The lady backed off the subject a little after that.

I should mention that she wasn’t a Petsmart employee, nor was she affiliated with the store. She works with a place that helps cats find homes, although you would think that with that as a goal they wouldn’t be so severe with the people trying to adopt their animals. Yes, you want to make sure they get into good homes, but you don’t want to come off as an obsessive psycho either.

I returned home while Amanda and Michael went to go see about getting his cell phone replaced. He’d just gotten a replacement one because of some battery trouble I think, but the new one was having issues too. Since the phone is under his dad’s account, he wasn’t able to do much until they got Phil on the phone to talk to the people at the Alltel store.

I took the cat (who fussed the while way) home. I kept Harvey outside because I figured he’d ne a little too excited about a small, furry new thing. Cobb hissed but kept his distance and Bruce wanted to play, but the kitten (probably to be named Goat for his little white chin- goatee) wasn’t really having any of that. He did snuggle up with me quite a bit though. We watched the poor Kentucky Wildcats get manhandled.

Amanda and Michael got home and played with Goat for a bit before Michael headed off to his office Christmas party. Amanda mostly played with the kitten in the office, where Bruce and Harvey couldn’t worry him.

Other than that Michael came and got the cat and we watched some tv.

Zach Dotsey