Scott, Tim and I had a meeting at work today (online of course) to go over some lingering tickets- see what needed doing or closing out. I ran out to the bank and went by Lowe’s to pick up the part I need for the toilet. Amanda talked to Don, their maintenance supervisor, and he told her exactly what I needed to get. He also said replacing that part (the filler valve or something?) would fix the slow and constant drip in the downstairs toilet, so I picked up two of them. I’ll play with them tomorrow.

Before I left Michael came by and dropped off Goat, so we’re back to having two cats for a little while. He would have kept him at his apartment, but he took the poor kitten to the vet and he has some kind of infection that requires two kinds of medicine two and three times a day, and with his roommate Matt kind of in and out of the place, Goat wouldn’t get the treatment he needs.

Michael had to run back to his place afterwards to pack up for his trip to Charlotte and Washington DC. He came back by to drop off his key (so we can check up on his other cat, Mooo) and realized that he’d forgotten his camera. He didn’t want to go back and get it so I let him borrow our little camera.

There wasn’t a whole lot else to the day other than the fact that I picked up a meatball sub from Subway for lunch. After Amanda got home we went to a place that sells games so we could pick up that LRC game. (LCR? RCL, RLC? The only thing I remember for sure is that it’s not CLR. CLR is a cleaning product.)  We thought we might have a hard time finding it, but we saw it as soon as we walked in the store.  We looked around a bit, bought that, then stopped by the Lowe’s Food for bread, eggs, cheese and milk.  Amanda decided she wanted an egg sandwich for dinner, and that sounded fine by me.

We watched the finale of Kid Nation and a new episode of Supernatural.  I got to thinking about Kid Nation some, and with all those teenagers running around I’m sure there were people who had crushes and whatnot on each other.  It’s not like the show always showcased the innocence of children or anything (fights and cussing and such) so it’s not like that would have taken away from the show.  I’d put money on there having been some kinds of relationships formed that were just edited from the show.  Maybe if they do it again they’ll include that kind of drama.

Supernatural was a variation on a Christmas theme.  It even went so far as to begin with a classic spinning “Special Presentation” screen which I guess was meant to throw people off before doing a nice job of not showing a grandpa dressed as Santa for his grandson being mutilated by some sort of Anti-Claus as they called it.  That show can do a good job of mixing tongue in cheek with good action/drama.

After Amanda went to bed I stayed up to play around on the computer.  I started a game of Civ IV that I’ve been playing while typing this.  I’m almost done with it and when I am I’m going to bed.  We’re meeting Adam and Renee for breakfast at Cracker Barrel tomorrow morning then we’re all going out to look at things for Jackson.

Zach Dotsey