Amanda and I got up and had breakfast with my brother, Adam Dotsey, and his girlfriend, Renee Sikes, at Cracker Barrel. While we were waiting for Adam and Renee to arrive, Amanda and I sat outside and played checkers. She threatened a little, but I still pulled out the win. Still undefeated against her in checkers.

After breakfast we all headed over to Wal-Mart. The girls wanted to get some things but Adam and I wanted to play Rock Band. It wasn’t set up anymore for some reason. Wal-Mart didn’t seem any busier than usual, but when I went to the bathroom I did have to wait a minute in line. I was a bit grossed out when I saw piss and pubes on the urinal, so I stood back a little more than I usually would. I can’t remember that Wal-Mart’s bathroom ever being particularly nasty before.

We saw our across-the-street neighbors, Bonnie and Dave Narron, at Cracker Barrel when we were waiting for our seat. Then we saw them (well, Bonnie anyway) on our way out. As we were leaving Wal-Mart I saw them turn in to the parking lot as we were pulling out into the turning lane. They were stalking us all morning long.
We all went to Toys R Us after that so we could all pick out birthday and Christmas presents for our nephew, Jackson Sawyer. It was raining a bit by then. The last week has seen spring-like weather here, but with the rain came some chill. After Toys R Us we went our separate ways. Amanda started cleaning the house while I worked on the toilet after borrowing a wrench from Bonnie and Dave.

That toilet. So, I had to replace the fill pipe, or something like that. It’s the part that brings that water back into the tank, and it was a pretty simple process, but the instructions actually made it a bit harder than it should have been. I had it all put together and it was working, but it kept leaking a little bit. I figured out that one piece in the box was a gasket, but it had a part in the middle that punched out, but it wasn’t obvious that it would punch out. Anyway, I figured that out, took it back apart, put it back together, and it worked fine, no leaks. At one point while I was working on the plumbing, Goat decided he wanted to spend some time with me and jumped up my back. He dug in and scrambled a little because he wasn’t stable and he scratched the crap out of my back. Between that and the scratches on my hands from giving him his medicine, well, I’m not sure how to end that sentence.

In getting ready for tonight Amanda made some really good toffee treats. We also picked up some chips and some beer. Alison got here right around 7:00 with Roxy, her little Jack Russell. The dogs ran around a bunch. Adam and Renee showed up a few minutes later. We all hung out and watched the Joe Runkle episode of The Price is Right then played some Apples to Apples. Renee won the first game and I think Alison won the second. I also found a video my cousin, Alex Dotsey, had done to the Fergie song “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” on the iPhone’s YouTube service. It was entertaining.
A few other people were supposed to come by but didn’t, so it was a small gathering. We played LCR with ten quarters each. It came down to me and Adam, but I won. That makes me and Amanda undefeated at LCR so far. I shouldn’t jinx it I guess. Afterwards Adam and I played a little Guitar Hero then we all watched Schweddy Balls. All in all a nice night.

Zach Dotsey