We got up and went to Port City Community Church. I’ve enjoyed this series, called The Apple and an Ornament, which is about the importance of Jesus and how his coming related to The Fall. The music was really good too. I hate that we’re not going to be around next weekend. They’re having Saturday evening services plus the regular Sunday services, but church is off the next weekend. It’s sort of a gift to the hundreds of volunteers that help everything run each weekend.

We headed to Atlanta Bread for breakfast then went to Best Buy to look for some laptop speakers. The reasoning is that we thought for the trip to Oxford we’ll be taking the day after Christmas with Amanda’s parents and brother it would be nice to watch a DVD. Last year when we went to the Day After Christmas (in Clayton?) it was hard to hear the DVDs we were playing. We couldn’t find any speakers for the price we thought we would so we headed out.

After we Best Buy we stopped by Target to look at laptop speakers. They were about the same price as the ones at Best Buy, so we went ahead and picked some up. We later found out though that the built-in speakers. While we were there though, we ran into Nick and Amy Warkentien. They were about to head to the 12:30 church service.
We went to the mall to get our 2007 Dotsey family Christmas ornament. Every year we get an ornament with the year on it that you can put a picture in. We’ve usually gotten these at Things Remembered. So we did that then we had to walk around for a while as it was getting engraved. Amanda did her dad’s Christmas shopping for her mom. The shopping was draining me, as it is wont to do, so while she was taking some time. I went and sat on a bench to surf the net on the iPhone. She finished and came to get me then we just walked around for a while until we could pick up our ornament. There was a small black spot towards the top of it, which was annoying, but it was in better condition than the other ornaments of that same kind. There’s a brushed metal portion of it and in the rest of them small areas were rubbed off or worn on them. Ours at least wasn’t worn.

Amanda worked on a gift we have been planning to give to Andra and Josh as a wedding shower gift. They don’t seem to have gotten around to the wedding shower, unless they just forgot to tell us, so we’re going to give it to them this weekend.We watched a couple episodes of The Soup that we DVRed from last night. Amanda watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition while I worked on that new site idea of mine a bit.

Carolina played Rutgers tonight and beat them 93-71, no shocker there. The big news was that Tyler Hansbrough tried to take a charge, flopped and banged into a photographer’s new for a concussion. While I have no love for the Tar Heels I wouldn’t wish injury on any of them, even poster boy Tyler Hansbrough. He was fine though.

Zach Dotsey