Back to work today. I don’t expect this week will be terribly busy.

I’ve been playing UltraCorps lately. It’s a (currently) free turn-based take over the universe online game that my buddy Rick Titus got me into and I finally got Jason Revill to try it out. It’s a bit cumbersome but it’s not too tough to play once you get the hang of it. Anyway, now and then they’ll have a super huge game with dozens of people playing in a huge world all at the same time, which they call a mega game. I actually did decently in one that just finished today. I won’t bore with details.

Goat’s getting along better now with the dogs, but Cobb is still standoffish.  We’ve taken to calling him Smelly or Stinky though because, well, he’s smelly and stinky.  Michael was originally going to go straight to Richlands after he got back from Charlotte and DC, but since we’re having to give the cat medicine and he is causing a little trouble with our animals he’s going to come back here and take him.  We have no problem with the cat- he’s really sweet and affectionate.
Duke played Albany tonight. Sure Albany’s pretty much a nobody, but they were their conference champions last year, for what it’s worth. Duke looked really good tonight and the final score was 111-70. The nicest thing about this game was that Brian Zoubek actually played pretty well! He scored in the double digits, rounded and didn’t lose the ball or travel every time it went his way. If he can play consistently with the confidence and skill he showed tonight, man, watch out NCAA.  Even Jordan Davidson got some playing time along with, according to ESPN’s box score, three assists.  I thought there was a steal in there too.  DeMarcus Nelson and Zoubek need to work on their free throws.
After Amanda went to bed I watched an episode of Extras that was recorded last night. I saw that the episode was more than half an hour long, its usual length, but I didn’t realize it was an hour and a half. I thought it was the season premiere but it turned out to be the series finale, which I figured out about fifty minutes in when I hit the info button just to see what they were going to say this episode was about. I think I did that because a lot of it was a downer. It was touching though, really.

Zach Dotsey