I have job security, or so I was told by my boss today. Scott called me to tell me that some changes were being made. A while back we experimented with the design department. Well, that experiment didn’t go as we’d hoped. He said it wouldn’t effect me, although Tim will be going back to his previous contractor status, which sucks. Tim’s a really innovative, helpful guy and I hope that doesn’t mean he won’t be around. If Tim’s not around it may mean we won’t do as many large projects, which could ultimately affect my commission, but not my salary. Scott said he hoped that if I ever decided to do something else that I would give plenty of notice. I assured him that I not only loved my job but that I was also grateful to him for taking a chance with me.

I was pretty busy today, but in that being busy I learned that you can export an animation from ImageReady as a Flash file, which is a very useful thing to know. That should really come in handy in the future.

The animals were driving me nuts this morning. They kept wanting to go out then come right back in or bark at things outside. Goat was getting into all sorts of things- climbing up the couch with his claws, going behind the TV, getting into the presents under the tree, walking through the little decorative Christmas town on the trunk by the stairs, making noise. I had to call and vent to Amanda for a minute because it was really just bugging me.

That said, Bruce and Harvey, later in the day, were both sitting in the office (I decided to work in the living room today) in a sun patch in the exact same position right next to each other. They weren’t quite snuggling up together, but it was close. I wanted to take a picture but I need to recharge the batteries in the big camera and Michael’s got my other one.

I was going to go to the gym this evening but I felt a little rundown. Besides that, Cobb, who has mostly been hanging out upstairs since we’ve been watching Goat (whom Amanda and I have decided should be renamed Sminky, a combination of smelly and stinky) came and sat on my lap. I didn’t want to move him, so I dozed off for a bit until Amanda got home. She started making cookies to take to people at work, but they got a little messed up and she got really frustrated. She poured out a lot of the frustrations she’s been feeling for a little while (none of them being me). It was good for her to get them out. After that we cleaned up the kitchen and she followed me around while I got the trash ready to take out and she talked about her day.

From there we just sat together on the couch. I wanted to do nothing else, but she turned on the TV. I dozed off a little more while she watched the tellie until she went to bed. I then flipped around until I found Kentucky getting pounded by Houston. They were down more than twenty points but went on a 16-2 run towards the end, but it was too little too late and the Kentucky Wildcats had their first four-game losing streak since the 1991-1992 season I think. For what it’s worth, Patrick Patterson was out for the game. I feel sorry for Coach Billie Gillespie if the season keeps going like this- UK fans are rabid and the University has a tradition to uphold. Alex Legion, one of Kentucky’s players, already transferred out.

Harvey hasn’t been behaving the best at night lately. Cobb is irritated by Goat being in the house and that’s somehow lead to Harvey antagonizing Cobb and sometimes barking at him and chasing him. He did it two more times tonight, so I put him in his crate. He really didn’t want to go in there, but he hasn’t been making any noise back there.

That reminds me; he puked this morning, Harvey did. He got out of bed making throat noises less than ten minutes before Amanda was to get up for work. I got up and put him and Bruce out then cleaned up the little wetness on the floor (I think he’d cleaned up after himself, but there mustn’t have been much there anyway) and started to climb back into bed just as Amanda’s alarm went off. It was a great way to start the day. It foreshadowed the irritation I was going to feel at the animals later in the morning. During that time, I tripped going upstairs and banged my legs and elbow. I just sat there and cursed for a minute until the pain subsided- it was just that fun a morning.

On a positive note, Amanda got a nice Christmas bonus at work today, a bit bigger than it has been in previous years.  She splurged and got some pants and a shirt she wanted to get, but gave most of it to me to put in the bank tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey