Work wasn’t too busy, which was nice because it afforded me some time to do some running around.  I ran into Greg and Stephanie Zugrave at Target.
Amanda left right at 5:00 but it took her 35 minutes to get home.  We were actually in a bit of a rush because we were going to Kyle and Lorin Van Zandt’s before heading over to Elliot and Melissa’s Christmas party so Lorin could cut Amanda’s hair.  We were planning on being at Kyle and Lorin’s at 5:45, but we weren’t anywhere close to it.  Traffic was hilariously terrible.

Once there we found out that Kyle and Lorin didn’t know that the party was a themed one (dress up as a Christmas character).  Amanda and I weren’t characters per se.  I put on a big bow and some ribbon and said I was a present.  Amanda wore green and put on a string of puffy white balls and a star and called herself a Christmas tree.  My idea was to go as Christmas Past and Christmas Future by putting a a calendar from the past and next year’s calendar around our necks and circling December 25th.  Amanda’s co-workers came up with the present and the tree.  I told Amanda if we did that we’d have to put the present under the tree later on and she could unwrap the present.

(The present did get unwrapped but unfortunately it never got under the tree.)

Anyway, Kyle ended up putting on a red tobaggon, tight red pants and short green sweatshorts with a red short and some camel leather Moroccan sandals.  The pants were all Lorins so they were nice and tight on him.  He looked ridiculous- it was great.  (He was going as an elf.)  Lorin basically wore jammies and a robe to be a little girl on Christmas morning.

Amanda got several inches cut off her hair.  It looked nice.

After the haircut and the getting decked out we all went over to Elliot and Melissa’s.  There were a few other people there including Elliot’s sister, Caroline, her boyfriend Bobby, his roommate Adam, Elliot and Melissa’s friend (another Amanda), and Kristen Barriner.  Actually that’s everyone that was there I think.  Elliot was dressed up as Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation and Melissa was his wife.  Adam was Ralphie from A Christmas Story.  He even had a BB gun that Elliot happened to find in his shed.  We all had a nice time just hanging out and whatnot.  There’s talk of going over to Bobby and Adam’s tomorrow to watch the Duke-Pitt game.  Bobby just got a big new TV.

Zach Dotsey