Jackson’s third birthday.


Mom borrowed a pony from a friend for Jackson to ride around. She and Dad lead at first, then Adam and I.

Amanda and I ran to the gas stations down the road to get a few things for lunch, particularly some sprinkles for Jackson’s birthday cake, but there were no sprinkles to be found in Rougemont.

Had lunch and the birthday celebration. The Hot Wheels track Amanda and I got him was the most popular gift. He picked it to play with first, but the rest of us had a lot if fun with it too. Andra “made Jackson sad” when she took over the track.

Andra and Josh left- Mom and Dad taking him back to Gastonia tomorrow. Erin went to see her friend Lauren, formerly Wendell, whom she recently found on MySpace.

Dad, Jackson and I watched some cartoons, including Fern Gulley. Mom and Amanda joined us for some if that. Then we all went to the living room and watched a bit of tv. Mom and I both fell asleep for a bit there (I while snuggling Harvey in the floor) until I woke up and went on upstairs.

Amanda banged her toe on the trashcan at some point during the day. Turns out she broke her pinky toe, which we’ve gathered from the pretty black and purple hues.

Zach Dotsey