Harvey farted this morning after I let him and Bruce out to pee (which was an ordeal in and of itself with all the other dogs around). It was so bad that it woke Amanda up and she was looking around to see if he’d pooped somewhere.

We had breakfast then slowly started packing up. Jackson wanted to go with me and Amanda. I told him that Mum Mum and Pap were taking him back to his mom and dad later but he didn’t care about that.

At one point I was drawing pictures that Jackson wanted me to draw on his Magna Doodle. I was really surprised how much he remembered because after asking me to draw a dog, a cat, a bunny and a duck he wanted me to draw Wilmington. Be started off asking me to draw the sand (from the beach) then he wanted me to draw the water and the playground Amanda and I had taken him to (Greenfield Lake) when we kept him overnight after after Andra and Josh’s wedding. That was so awesome.

He also had me draw Mum Mum then, after I’d drawn her, he told me to draw her wee wee.

Amanda and I left the Rouge around noon after saying our goodbyes to everyone and went over to the Revill household to visit my buddy Jason. His parents had turned the back porch into a really nice sun room and added another porch on. It was really nice. Their dog, Maggie, was super friendly. Andy Revill, Jason’s dad, showed up just a little before we left at a quarter after one.

We made one more stop before leaving Durham, picking up some supplies to make some if those Golden Graham smores Amanda made a little while back. When we got back to the car I offered to drive because Amanda’s toe hurt and she had a bit of a headache. We stopped for some carry-out Subway after we got on the road a bit then went straight on to Beulaville by way of Warsaw and Kenansville.

The Frazelles beat the Mercers there, which is a rarity. We ate a breakfast dinner (or supper, depending on who you’re talking to) then opened gifts. Amanda got clothes, mostly. I got some of that (a nice selection from Express) plus the third season of The Office on DVD and a nice leather laptop bag.

Somewhere in there everyone posed for some goofy pictures, Harvey (possibly Scout, but probably Harvey) peed on the rug and he also chewed up a mop. The dog is so sweet but he’s been some trouble this weekend.

When we got back to the Mercer house from the Lemons house we unloaded stuff from the car and several presents (though none from me or Amanda) were wrapped at the last minute.

Harvey and Paddy got into a couple scraps over food. The second or third time it happened was back in the laundry room. The two of them had just been shut out of there so I was surprises to see them back there. Paddy was between Harvey and the door so I tried to preemptively defuse the situation by getting Harvey out if there but as soon as Harvey walked by Paddy went after him something fierce. I tried to break them up with limited success until Phil stepped over and grabbed Paddy. He was a bit upset but I heard a few minutes later that when all that happened he had been in the phone receiving news that Grandma Bowlin had died.

It finally happened.

Most of the rest of the night was me and Michael waiting for people to finish last minute gift wrapping so we could either play Phase 10 or watch Christmas Vacation, but that took too long so everyone went to bed after the wrapping.

Zach Dotsey