I got in the shower this morning and thought, “This is the first shower I’ve taken by myself all year.”

Work was busier than I expected today.

Amanda finished catching up on her Days of Our Lives while I played a little more Mass Effect.  After all that was over I hung out with her in the living room.  We just watched some Super Nanny before she went to bed.  The second episode of it was awful.  There were these parents who were almost totally hands off with their smaller kids and left the taking care of the house and the childcare to their two teenage daughters.  I got th impression that things weren’t going to change, but of course you’ve got to ask yourself how much these shows edit things to make things look more dramatic.

After Amanda went to bed I played Halo 3.  Michael called and asked if I was going to get on Xbox Live tonight and explained that his roommate had a friend over and they were playing Halo so he was going to too.  I thought, here I have four brand new games and I’m going to play Halo?  I decided to go ahead and do that, and I’m glad we did.  We ended up with up to twelve people online and had some really good, fun games.  Michael’s cousin, Robert, and his girlfriend Carolyn were both on too.  I don’t know if it’s because nobody else has been playing much lately either or what, but I played decently well for the most part.

Zach Dotsey