Usual Saturday morning except I we slept a little later than usual and I went to the store to get eggs for egg and cheese sandwiches.  I also picked up some English muffins just to switch things up a little.  While I was gone Amanda worked on putting up the mass of clean clothes sitting in our closet.  When I got back she made breakfast and I took over.

After that we went to the mall to exchange the hat Karen had gotten for me because it was a little too small.  They didn’t have any others I liked so I now have a Belks gift card.  Amanda picked up a couple on-sale bra tanks from Express and I got some boots.  I’d mentioned wanting some and we found some that we both liked, plus they were $20 off.

On the way home we picked up some candy to eat at the movie tonight.  We were going to have dinner with Anna and Barry Frazelle then go see Juno.  We met up with them at 5:00 at Elizabeth’s Pizza then went to the movie.  We all liked it a lot, but I’ve got to remember to not go see a recently-released movie at 7:00 on a Saturday evening again.

Zach Dotsey