We went to church this morning, where a new series was started.  It’s actually a revisiting of a series called One Word from last year in which you refine a New Year resolution down to one single word.  It was quite popular.
We went to Sweet & Savory for breakfast.  I guess they hadn’t hit their Sunday morning business yet because we were in and out pretty quickly.
Mostly sat around for the rest of the day.  Amanda’s lady time came for a visit, and that tends to make her industrious- she went to Target to get dog food, got a new toaster oven (with toaster slots, and it’s red to match the kitchen) and some picture frames.  Then she printed and hung some pictures and put out the rug he mom got her for the living room for Christmas.  It looks really nice.  We hadn’t put it out yet because we were afraid Harvey might chew on it, but like I said, Amanda gets industrious this time of month and wanted to put it out.
Watched Duke’s sloppy win over Cornell.  Never really threatened, but never felt totally comfortable.  Been 17 days since the last game though, so hopefully some of that was rust.

Afterwards watched Carolina at Clemson.  Clemson was up most of the game, but never by a large margin.  Went to overtime and Carolina won on a last second three by Wayne Ellington.  It was gut wrenching.  Clemson so deserved the win, and plus I really, really hate Carolina basketball.

During halftime of the second game Amanda messed with a straightening iron and my hair.  It looked like a woman from the ’70s.

Even though the Duke game could have been a lot better and I really would have preferred to see the Tar Heels lose, it was fun watching the games with Amanda.  She really got into them.

When she went to bed I played a little Call of Duty 4 with Michael then some Mass Effect.

Zach Dotsey