I got an e-mail from Amanda today. That doesn’t sound like anything big, but we’ve never really had much electronic communication going on before, and it was somehow sweet and endearing. We e-mailed back and forth a couple times before I told her she’d have to stop because I really liked getting mail from her and I could keep writing her back all day.

The battery is out again, discovered as I was about to leave to meet Amanda, her grandparents and Anna for lunch. It was rather annoying. On the plus side, work was busy today so I had a little more time to devote to that as a result.

I called Dave Narron, our neighbor who happens to own a shop, and he said he’d take it to the shop tomorrow. I went over to drop my keys off and I felt pretty good. It was a warm day (the dogs were out all day long) and the night was somewhat cool. Walking across my lawn and the street somehow put me to mind of walking across the UNCG campus on a similarly weathered night. It didn’t make me think of any particular time, but sometimes I’d go for walks in the evening around campus just to get out and do something.

When I got to Bonnie and Dave’s, they were cooking out out back. Bonnie was on the phone so I mostly just talked to Dave, but as I was leaving Bonnie told me that her brother’s cancer was back. On top of that he hadn’t eaten in two weeks and had lost 35 pounds. I can’t imagine what she’s going through. She broke down a little and I gave her a hug, but I didn’t know what else to say or do.

Obviously the walk back across the street had me feeling a little more somber.

The wife from the potential new small group couple called to make dinner plans with us. We’re setting it up for Wednesday night, which was the main night I didn’t want to do it since there’s a Duke game on at 7:00, but I guess I’ll DVR it. Priorities and all.

Amanda made grilled cheese sandwiches tonight for dinner. I asked if she made them for me because I’m a loving hubby, and she said that no, even though I was one, she made it for me because she was making one for herself and it would have been rude of her to not ask if I wanted one. I thought that was funny.

As Amanda was going to bed she discovered that she was out of a feminine product she needed for the night. I was about to have to go to Wal-Mart, but after digging through every imaginable place she found a few of what she needed.

Zach Dotsey