Dave said the problem with the battery is one of two things. First, when he ran a diagnostic on the battery itself he said it told him it was… moderate, medium? Marginal, that was the word! When he measured it later it said it was good, so if the problem persists and I have to exchange the battery and they measure it and it says good, I would have to explain that to them. He also said that the wire or whatever that connects the alternator to the battery was corroded some. He cleaned it off and said that may fix the problem right there.

Other than that it was another busy work day. The end of the busy-ness I think is in sight, but it’s still been crazy hectic these last few days.

Amanda got home and made some egg and cheese English muffins. There was nothing on TV that I cared to watch, but the new season of One Tree Hill started with a two-hour premiere so Amanda caught up on her soaps and watched that while I played Mass Effect then a bit of Call of Duty 4 online with Michael.

Exciting day.

Oh, the weather was really nice again. Low seventies I believe. I made myself a peanut butter and jelly and went out to sit in the hammock while I ate it for a couple minutes.

Adam told me something I can’t tell. And speaking of Adam, we’re going to see a production of Tommy with him and Renee on Saturday. Should be fun.

Brian Zoubek, Duke seven-foot center, broke his fifth metatarsal on Monday.  That really sucks.  I think he was showing some improvement, and Duke’s weakness this year, as everyone knows, is in the post.  Maybe this will force the team to play nothing but up tempo, or it will be impetus for Lance Thomas to really step up his game.  Regardless, it sucks most for Zoubek.

Zach Dotsey