So we were definitely okay this morning. We got up and all, went to BoJangles for breakfast. Amanda found some mold or something in a cup of cream and her coffee wasn’t very good anyway. We went to the mall so Amanda could pick something up. Okay, it was a gift card for one of the girls at work. It’s not like anybody she works with reads this site anyway, right?

My orange juice wasn’t enough at breakfast so when we got to the mall I got an Orange Julius. Amanda got another coffee, this one from Starbucks. For some reason it wasn’t very good either.

Amanda also had to pick up a card, so we stopped by Hallmark. While Amanda went in I called Adam about seeing Tommy tonight. He and Renee were not able to get the tickets so they figured they’d go by Level Five later today and pick some up. Unfortunately some of the girls Amanda works with who thought about going had found out yesterday afternoon that the tickets were sold out. I mentioned something to Adam about going to see a movie instead, and later on we settled on seeing Sweeny Todd at 4:30.

Anyway, I was sitting in the car waiting for Amanda to get out of Hallmark. The girl, I swear, is a greeting card junkie. I mean, she cannot go into a store and buy just one card. She sees cards that are good for people other then whoever she went to get a card for and goes ahead and picks it up. It’s not a bad idea, really, but it’s almost ridiculous how much time my wife can spend in a card shop.

At any rate, once she got out of there she went to Old Navy, where I told her I’d probably go. It was rainy out though and for some reason I was really tired already so I never bothered to go in. She called me from there and said there were some really good sales. I went in and checked it out, and we ended up getting two sets of slippers, a toboggan, a pair of pajama pants and pullovers all for under $30. Most of it was marked down to just a few bucks, then discounted on top of that.

The fun continued when we went across the street to Michael’s, the craft store. Amanda wants to do a scrapbook for each of our years together, starting with the time we started dating and 2003, then each of the full years thereafter. Amanda had bought an Attraction (coupon) book yesterday and Michael’s was in it. Wait, maybe it’s AC Moore- Michael’s is over at Mayfaire. Anyway, there were coupons for the place, but it turned out that all the scrapbooks were majorly on sale already so we went ahead and bought all the books we would need plus all the background paper for one book. Amanda also picked up an organizer bag for the supplies, which was certainly a good idea.

When we got home we started looking through pictures. We couldn’t find all the 2003 pictures and knew we could get some from other people if nothing else, so we looked through all the 2004 pictures and pulled ones we wanted to use into a folder.

I had a pretty decent basketball game on, although right now I can’t remember which one it was. Carolina absolutely murdered State earlier, 93-62. A few minutes before we were going to leave for the movie Michael called and asked if I’d been watching the Kentucky-Vanderbilt game. I wish I had been. When I turned it on it was at the end of the half and it ended up going into overtime. Then it went into double overtime, but we really had to go. We listened to the game in the car and Kentucky ended up winning 79-73 in the second overtime. Kentucky had lost six of their last eight games and Vanderbilt was undefeated, so it was a huge win for the Wildcats. Boston College beat Wake Forest 112-73 later on too. BC seems to really be streaky. I was rooting for Wake Forest. I still don’t think Boston College should have been added to the ACC. I just hate that all the teams don’t get to do home and aways with each other every year now.

We met Adam and Renee at Mayfaire Cinemas. I didn’t notice this at first because Adam and Renee were already sitting in the dark theater when we got there, but Adam has grown himself quite a beard since he doesn’t have to be clean-shaven for the Reserves anymore. He said one of the guys at work is calling him Grizzly Adam.

We all enjoyed the movie, Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. It was dark, of course. Almost surprisingly so, although it did have some suitably dark humor along with it. There was one part (I’ll just say it was “when he stepped on the pedal” so as not to ruin it for anybody) that just never got old to me.

After the movie we went to eat at… I can’t remember the name of it. It’s the Italian place at The Forum that we went to with Anna and Barry Frazelle a few times. Instead of trying to describe how to get there Adam just rode with me and Amanda rode with Renee (whose car was just repainted, to quite a nice effect I might add, to the accolade of Maaco).

The restaurant had been renovated last time we went and was nearly twice as big as it used to be. It’s pretty swanky looking, but still decently priced for a classy Italian joint. We ended up sitting in a tented-in patio with space heaters. I was comfortable and the food and company were all good.

After we left Amanda and I picked up some McDonald’s for Michael since we were going to stop by there for a couple minutes. Amanda got an ice coffee and didn’t realize it came pre-sweetened, so when she added some Splenda to it it was way too sweet for her. She’s just had bad luck with coffee today.

The PlayStation 3 does look pretty nice. I didn’t mess with it much, but one of the reasons we stopped by Michael’s was to see how a Blu-Ray movies looks.  He got Spider-Man 3 for free with his PS3, and I think it looked really nice, but of course not nearly as nice as the demo we saw of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 on a 60″ 1080i TV at Circuit City.

Zach Dotsey