I fell asleep on the couch around 10:00 last night.  I was planning on doing something else, but Amanda let me stay down there and sleep.  Just as well I guess.  I remember waking up at some point and turning off the overhead light then turning on the lamp (I might as well have gone on upstairs at that point) and I think maybe flipping through the TV channels, because I remember seeing some game that looked like it might have been a god one.  Southern Cal and Washington State maybe?  I just checked the schedules, and yes, that was it.  Washington State beat USC 73-58.  I didn’t really see any of the game.  Anyway, another time I woke up and turned the TV off.  Then at about 4:00 I went upstairs to bed.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel at work.  Scott and I are getting a lot of things done and, I think, communicating pretty well with the clients.  The only thing I worry about having just the two of us doing most of the work is the amount of work we’ll be able to get accomplished, which can therefore adversely affect the amount of sites I can sell.  The big chunks of my commission come in selling full sites or redoing sites, as opposed to the heavy maintenance work that we’re mired in right now.  Don’t get me wrong- a lot of maintenance work can give me a decent commission, but I’d have to sell ten decent maintenance jobs to equal one small website.  Good thing I’ve got salary too.  But anyway, things are looking like they might level out to a manageable level soon.

Amanda and I had a really fun night to start things off.  We were watching TV and nothing was really on, so she put it on the OnDemand music station.  She was sitting on my lap and singing and dancing for me, and really it was the most fun the two of us have had together in a long time.  She stopped after a while as the shaking and gyrating had jostled the enchilada she ate for dinner and started flipping around the TV some more.  She saw King Kong on HBO and thought it’d be nice to check it out on the new TV.  So we watched that until about 9:00.

Then things kind of went sour.  I don’t want to air any overly personal stuff on here, but Amanda suggested something that, to my mind, meant something that frustrated me, so I said something that she took to mean that I didn’t at all appreciate the fun we’d had earlier and she got mad and sad and upset.  Amanda went upstairs for a bit while I tried to sort out my thoughts and feelings.  I was pretty mad at myself.

She came back downstairs, and I turned the TV off because it was getting to the sad part of King Kong.  She would ask me something then I’d try to answer then she wouldn’t let me finish, so I ened up walking into the guest room and shutting the door.  She follwed me in and eventually told me that the night had started out as one of the best nights we’ve had since we’ve been married and ended up the worst.  That was a pretty big ouch.

We worked it out, of course.  We went to bed a little later- earlier than I was planning on going to bed.  Amanda doesn’t like snuggling when she’s trying to sleep, but she had her head against my chest and our arms were wrapped around each other when I fell asleep.

So it ended up being a rough night and I don’t know if Amanda will ever do the fun things she did tonight again because, as she said, she thinks she’d be thinking about this night if she did.  But we both got to air some things out and express some issues, so that should make things better going forward.

Zach Dotsey