I had a dental appointment today at noon. I go to Atlantic Dental, of course, as that is Barry Frazelle’s practice. For anyone joining us late here, Barry Frazelle is Amanda’s uncle. Jill was my hygienist. I’ve had her more than I’ve had other hygienists and she remembered me and that we moved into a house at about the same time she and her husband did.

Andra, my youngest sister, had called while I was getting my teeth cleaned so I called her back as I was leaving the parking lot. The car behind me beeped at me as I was turning out onto Medical Center Drive and I thought, Geez, I’m going, jerk! I hung up with Andra as I was turning onto 17th and got honked at again. I looked over and it was Barry! We rolled down our windows and he asked if I wanted to grab some lunch at Quizno’s.

Barry picked up my tab, which was really nice of him. When we were ordering he urged me to get a double chocolate cookie, which is funny to me considering I’d just had my teeth cleaned. I guess he wanted to make sure I’d have to come back. Actually, he said if everyone had teeth as good as mine that he wouldn’t have a job. We talked about a number of things, including the death of Carl Davis, the general manager at WECT. He was a patient of Barry’s and had just seen him the previous week. He died in a motorcycle crash on Saturday. Barry said that of course you hear good things about people when they die, but that Carl Davis really was a great guy. He said he and his wife owned all the Roly Poly stores around here and had recently sold them so they could go traveling.

I’m not sure how we got to talking about electric fences, but he also told me about a time he and his cousin Timmy were in a family member’s field. They were about six or seven, and Timmy had an apple with him. There was a pony in the field who really liked apples and he kept trying to take Timmy’s. Timmy was afraid of the pony and kept backing away until he got backed into the electric fence. Then it would shock him and he’d jump forward, but then he’s back away from the pony again. He did that a couple times before Barry swatted at the pony’s rear to try to distract it, but then it kicked him and Timmy’s conundrum continued. I thought it was pretty funny.

I got home and worked for a while. Got a bit done, but I’ve got at least one thing I need to knock out tomorrow. Two. I just thought of another, so two.

Amanda had gotten a ride to work from Mary, who lives on the street behind ours, and got a ride to the VW place to pick up the Jetta from Searra. Cierra? I’m not sure how to spell it. It’s pronounced seer-uh. Anyway, she came home with news that Bon Jovi is playing in Greensboro in March and wants to go to that concert. She’s a bit more excited than I am about it.  She talked to Ben and Jessica Lambeth about it and they may meet us for it, or we might stay with them that weekend with them, since they live in Winston-Salem and we’ve been trying to get together with them for a while now.

Adam called to get some advice on something that I can’t really mention yet as it’s a surprise.  Amanda and I had started watching Friday Night Lights at that point, but she missed the first twenty minutes of it after getting involved in trying to look up something for Adam.  Anyway, we watched that and Law & Order: SVU and the first episode of House, all of which were on the DVR.  It’s always a little funny looking at the pilot of a show and seeing how it’s changed.  For one thing, House’s limp is much less pronounced now and the lighting of the show was really odd.  There were lots of shadows and a lot of orange.  I noticed portions of the screen seemed very desaturated at times too.

Pittsburgh beat Georgetown tonight, 69-60.  Something in me likes Georgetown a little, that probably being the fact that Georgetown knocked Carolina out of the NCAA tournament last year, but Pitt doing well means more for Duke, so I guess that’s good.

Zach Dotsey