Not a whole heck of a lot to report on today.  Work was busy, as it has been.  This morning it seemed that just about every time I stated on something for somebody, someone else would call with some other new urgent matter.

I did break to go eat lunch with Amanda’s grandparents.  I met them, Michael and Anna at the mall as usual.  It was a bit too late for Amanda to join us, as their dental appointment had taken longer than expected.  Peggy and Earl kept trying to make Michael eat their Chinese food.  Peggy even said she’d get some more sauce for hers, and Earl said sweet and sour (I said Sweet & Savory when I was retelling this story to Amanda) would be good on it, so she went and got some.  The next time Peggy suggested that Michael eat some of her chicken and he said he didn’t want any, she said she’d gotten the sweet and sour sauce for him and Michael said he didn’t even like sweet and sour sauce.  It was funny.  It’s probably funnier if you know Peggy and Earl Lemons.  They’re always trying to make you eat more.  Anna and I kept exchanging looks, kind of laughing to each other.

I got home and worked some more.  When Amanda called on her way home she said she’d like to eat some Honeycombs, so I walked to the store and picked some up.  It was kind of nice walking.  It was cold out, chillier than I had realized, but it wasn’t unbearable by any means.  It felt good.  Whenever it’s cold and brisk like that it reminds me of playing soccer when I was younger.  It makes me feel like I could run around a bit and work up a little sweat and get that dry, not-quite-pain in my chest that you get when you’ve been running around in the cold.

Amanda and I caught up on a couple things on the DVR.  American Idol started tonight, which I sort of dread.  Every year (or at least every year that I’ve bothered to watch it) you say to yourself, “OKay, I’ll just watch the tryouts.”  But then you find a couple people you like and you want to see how they do, and then you just get sucked on in.  Brilliant.  There’s nothing else on TV right now anyway, not really, but still, it felt nice to not have a bunch of stuff on the DVR.

(Well stop watching so much TV, you advise.  I’m somewhat obsessive compulsive in that when I start something I like to see how it ends.)

Anyway, on American Idol there was this one real pretty chick who could actually sing and trained horses and studied martial arts and trained in cage fighting.  Everything she added on about herself just made her hotter, particularly the cage fighting training.

After Amanda went to bed I played some Call of Duty 4 with Michael and a few other guys we met on Xbox Live.  We didn’t win much.

I forgot to mention: During the day Bruce tends to lay in Harvey’s bed and Harvey lays on the floor, sometimes going out to sit on the couch in the living room.  Today he was sitting in a sun patch on the office floor but decided he’d like to sit in the bed with Bruce.  So he sauntered on over and laid right down.  Bruce tends t rest on the edge of the bed anyway, so they were both scrunched in there together.  It was adorable.  I wanted to take a picture but I was charging the batteries for my 10D and I’m not sure where the little camera is.  Out of desperation I was going to use the iPhone camera, but they started moving by that point, so I didn’t get it.

Zach Dotsey