Amanda and I went to church this morning and sat with everyone from our small group except Elliot and Melissa, who were not there. We all wore our One Word shirts. Afterwards we went to Kyle and Lorin’s place. We stopped by a Harris Teeter to pick up some things for the breakfast at their place. We had apple turkey sausage, which was really, really good. Aside from that, Kyle made pancakes for everyone. He put bananas in mine, and that was really good too. Dave Sapp was there too, along with a friend of Lorin’s whose name I can’t recall at the moment. Mike and Kaitlyn came by too.

We went home for a bit and I took a short nap before we went over to the Frazelles’ to have a birthday dinner for Michael. I watched Carolina beat Florida State in overtime. So freakin’ close. They should have at least two more losses this season. They may get a few coming up though- Ty Lawson, the starting point guard, was injured in the first four minutes of the game today. It looked really nasty the way his ankle bent. He and a Florida State guy were both trying to get the ball and He sort of tripped backwards over the other guy’s leg. Sort of. It’s hard to describe.

I hate to see anyone injured, even a Carolina player. Duke is now in kind of a damned if they win, damned if they lose situation for next week’s game if Lawson is out for it. If they win with him out Carolina fans will say “Well Lawson was out.” (Their first backup point guard, Bobby Frasor, tore his ACL at the beginning of the season and their third string point guard, Quentin Thomas, is a turnover machine.) If Duke loses with Lawson out then we’ll never hear the end of “We beat you and we didn’t even have our real point guard!”

So get better, Tywon Lawson.

Michael came over after the game. We ate dinner and watched the beginning of Super Bowl XLII before heading over to Billy Supplee’s apartment. Amanda works with Billy and he invited us and a few other people over to watch the game. We almost didn’t go because his place is a bit far from ours and we were both tired, but we didn’t want to let him down and it was nice to get out and be social anyway. Billy had a nice spread of food and snacks.

We left in the third quarter since we’d been away from the house for so long and the dogs likely wanted to go out.  I should mention that neither I nor Amanda much cared who won the game.  I was going for the Patriots over the Giants simply because I thought it would be nice for them to have a true undefeated season, I often played the Pats on a football game we played on the Nintendo 64 back in college and it seemed like everyone else I talked to was going for the Giants.  It looked like the Patriots had the game wrapped up too, but at the very end the Giants went from one end of the field to the other and made a couple of sure-to-be-famous plays.  First, Eli Manning somehow emerged out from a crowd of people to avoid getting sacked and got a pass off to David Tyree, who caught the ball against his helmet with one hand and somehow managed to hold onto it (still against his helmet) as he was tackled.  They went on to get a touchdown from there and went up 17-14.  The Patriots tried to get back down the field but just couldn’t do it.

Amanda had gone to the bathroom for the big play, so I had rewound it and paused it, knowing it was one of those plays you just had to see, that people would be talking about.  She was rightly impressed.

After the game Amanda went to bed and I played some Rock Band and then Call of Duty.

Zach Dotsey