Today was Michael’s birthday. He went home to Richlands, but he stopped by here first to drop off his key so we could check on Mooo and Sminky Goat.

Amanda’s had a tough week of work, so when she got home I told her we could go out to eat wherever she wanted. She picked O’Charlie’s. We talked about new things to do to make money and decided I should try to do more with the photography. I need to work on my website a bit more too.

Speaking of websites, I helped my buddy Jason Revill set one up today. Check it out.

We came home and tried to figure out what to watch. There wasn’t much on, but there were a few things on HBO On Demand. Unfortunately Amanda didn’t want to watch anything I wanted to watch and I didn’t want to watch anything she wanted to watch. We settled on a DVD we’ve been meaning to watch. It’s called Any Given Morning and it was made by Laurel, the girlfriend of a co-worker of Amanda’s (Don). We’ve been meaning to watch it, we just hadn’t gotten around to it. There were a few people from our church involved in it too.

Any Given Morning is a documentary about surfers on the north end of Wrightsville Beach and about how it’s not just young people, but professionals as well. The credits rolled to a beautiful unfolding sunrise with surfers in the distant foreground all making their way to the water.

Andra called while we were watching TV. (I think we were watching Law & Order: SVU.) Josh was cooking hotdogs in grease and a grease fire flared up in the kitchen. Andra said she’d had her back to it and when she turned around the flames were about to the ceiling and her whole kitchen was orange. When they’d gotten that down Josh took the grease outside in a pan and flung it in the yard, but a bunch of it splashed on his hand and burned him pretty bad. Andra was seeking our consultation as to whether they should go to a hospital or not. We said better safe than sorry, but apparently Josh didn’t want to much worry about it.

Zach Dotsey