Amanda and I got up and did our thing this morning- got ready and all and went out for breakfast.  We ate at Chick-Fil-A and used a buy some stuff get a breakfast wrap free coupon from out Attractions book.  It worked well for me since I’m a fan of the breakfast wraps.  We went by AC Moore after that to pick up some iron-on letters for small group this week, but ended up getting some paper that allows you to print on it then iron that onto a shirt.  We also got some shirts since they were cheap there.

The weather was crappy today, all rainy and dreary.  Amanda and I thought about doing some things around the house, but most of them involved going to the shed and bringing in a bunch of paint supplies.  Since neither one of us felt like doing that we ended up playing Rock Band for a while instead.

I talked to Kyle to see if he and Lorin wanted to do anything, but they had already made plans with a couple they met last week or yesterday or something.  Amanda and I always joke about how easy it is for them to meet people.  While I was talking to Kyle I got a call from Mike Bocaljon, a possible new member for our small group.  I called him back and we finalized plans to meet him and his wife  Kaitlyn tomorrow for brunch at Atlanta Bread.

I’ve still got a stuffy nose and a little cough here and there, but I think Amanda’s starting to get sick.

Zach Dotsey