I forgot to mention that Knight died. Knight was a large rottweiler belonging to my in-law’s neighbors, John and Nancy. he was such a sweet dog, despite his massive appearance. He was always friendly and he liked to play with Bruce, although Bruce would get a little agitated with him, considering his head was as big as all of Bruce. Knight had always had health problems, particularly allergies that he had to have medication for. I really hate it for John and Nancy.

Amanda stayed home sick today. I actually got up a little earlier than usual because Harvey was barking after I fed him and put him in his cage, which is unusual for him. It actually wasn’t bothering me- with the pillows I tend to have over my head when I sleep I was wondering if it was Harvey or some dog outside. I’m sure part of that was that I was almost back asleep. Either way, Amanda prodded me and had me go get him to quiet down. I petted him a little and as I was doing that he was leaning against the cage, so I stayed down there with him for a bit.

I wasn’t tired anymore so I checked e-mail, took a turn on UltraCorps (I’m playing a game of it where Rick Titus and I teamed up with this other guy and wiped everyone else off of it, but now since we’re the only ones left we have to turn against each other) and showered. Amanda got up around 10:00 and spent most of the day relaxing and watching TV. I spent the day answering e-mails that had come in over the weekend. Literally, that was almost all I did at work today- dealt with e-mails that had come in this weekend.

I got to the gym for the first time this year. As it’s January still, parking was a little tough. I had to park several rows over from where I normally do. I was only there a little over an hour, but I knew that if I stayed I would have overworked myself. Amanda had me pick up some sesame chicken on the way home. She ate some of that and I ate the chicken, steak and rice leftovers from when we had Michael over last week.

There was nothing on and Amanda still felt a little drained. She watched something about the show Gossip Girl while I tooled around on the computer. I did earn $0.14 in the last two days on my website. That doesn’t sound like much at all, but considering how little I’ve done with it so far, I’m pretty happy with that. Once I get it really going I’m hoping to make a nice extra little bit of money each month. I doubt I’ll make enough to buy a beach house with (although I’m hoping), but if I can make enough to have a little extra spending money or pay a couple bills, I’ll take it. I checked my stats, and I’m at least getting some pretty steady daily traffic, even if it is small.

Amanda went to bed around 9:30. I’ve been real slack at keeping up with this site, so I got it caught up while watching a little History Channel.

Zach Dotsey