I tell you, business has not slacked, not appreciably anyway, since everything settled down from the New Year’s break. In part that’s really good because it means we’re making money, but we’re also smaller than we were before so it’s more stress for me. And I know Scott’s doing a lot more than he was previously.

I made ten cents on my sports website, GameCals, today. That’s obviously not a lot of money, but it shows that people are finding it, so that once I’ve got even more content added to it it will be even better. Right now most people seem to be finding it by looking up specific Duke team rosters. Now, there are 334 Division I NCAA teams, 30 MLB teams, 32 NFL teams, 30 NBA teams and 30 NHL teams. Now, double the NCAA number, since I’ve got basketball and football, than add 334 again if/when I put women’s basketball up, and then we can do all the other NCAA sports, plus soccer and any number of other sports. Okay, but just going with what I’ve already got outlined, assuming I can average ten cents per day (I had fourteen a few days ago) on just one team, extrapolating that out, that equals 790 teams. If I could make $79 a day like that would be $28,835, which is a whole extra income!

Those are high expectations I think, but who knows- it could happen. I’d be happy to make a couple hundred a year on it.

I also (one might notice) added Google ads to this site. I figured, why not? Although looking at it, one ad is for Duke hater tee shirts. Looks like it was set up by Maryland fans. Grr.

So, what else today? I worked on the aforementioned site, updating all the ACC teams with RSS feeds of news pertinent to the individual schools while Amanda watched TV. There was a pretty good game on between Wake Forest and Miami. They stayed neck and neck and were tied at the half. Amanda wanted to watch something else so I told her that was fine, but I later saw that the final score was 70-68 in Wake’s favor and at least in the last few minutes they were still playing neck and neck. Part of me was pulling for Wake, but they’re the only ACC team besides Duke to remain undefeated at home in conference play this year, so a part of me wanted them to lose to. But I was glad for them, overall.

We/she watched American Idol and House before she went to bed. I played some Call of Duty 4 with Michael on Xbox Live. He’s having trouble with his Xbox 360 again. The screen craps out on him. It did this on him a while back too. He called the Xbox support and they said they could fix it for $90, but this would be the fourth or so time that he’s had to send it to them. If the ring on the front of the Xbox 360 lit up red they’d fix it for him for free. The red ring of death, as it’s called.

Zach Dotsey