There really seems like so much to do at work these days.

On the way to the gym today I saw a girl walking up Kerr near Market holding out a picture of a puppy. I rolled down the window and asked if she was looking for a lost dog and when she nodded I said I’d keep an eye out. As she walked away I noticed that her eyes were a little red. I felt so bad for her, just knowing how terrible it felt when Bruce got away for a few minutes one time. We had no idea where he was an all I could imagine was him running out onto Murrayville Road. This poor girl had to worry about two busy roads instead of just one. I really hope she’s able to find her dog happy and healthy. It looked a bit like a Malty, perhaps with slightly orange-ish ears that made me think of a terrier.

So I worked out and went home to eat some enchiladas Amanda had made while I was gone. I looked over the Duke message board for a bit while sort of watching American Idol (in Miami tonight) and Ghost Hunters International. There was a lot of talk about the upcoming Carolina game (a week from today). I think no fans on either side feels either team has a clear advantage. It should be a really good game. I hope Duke kills them. Two people separately said that the best thing ever would be if Gerald Henderson were to go up and give a monster dunk on Tyler Hansbrough that shattered the backboard and in the final second of the game for the tie-breaking basket. Now I’m going to be disappointed if that doesn’t happen.

There’s too much TV coming on tomorrow night. There’s a two-hour Lost premiere at 8:00 then Smallville and Supernatural both are new on the CW at 8:00 and 9:00. On top of all that, Duke plays NC State at 9:00. It’s not a huge deal- we’ll record the TV shows since we’re having small group anyway, but that means I’ll have to watch the game on the TV in the office, which isn’t hooked up to HD. We’re hoping Lost will regularly be on at 10:00 like it was last season because whenever the writers strike it over we’ll also have to worry about the NBC Thursday night shows- My Name is Earl, The Office and 30 Rock.

I’ve started sending everything in to be able to take sports pictures. I had to take a headshot today and spent a little time this evening playing with the color levels and adjusting things to make sure it looked decent. I don’t fake smile well, so I’m not totally happy with the picture, but it’ll do I guess.

In the news, John Edwards dropped out of the Democratic presidential race and Rudy Giuliani dropped out of the Republican race. In other presidential race news, Amanda’s boss has decided she’s not voting for Barack Obama because his name is too close to Osama.

Zach Dotsey