I did too much laundry for Amanda’s liking today.

Scott and I took some time today to catch up on some projects. You know, make sure things are happening, get on the same page, that sort of thing.

I had some contact with a few friends of mine today. One discussed basketball, two of them discussed work. Some things might come of one of them.

Amanda got home and worked on some papers. While she did that I played a few songs on Rock Band. My audience consisted of two dogs nearly asleep on the love seat. (Asleep on the love seat- I think that is part of Loser by Beck. I just checked; it is.) They were totally disinterested, but I kept talking to them before and after the songs I played and let them know how much their support meant to me. The songs are getting much tougher now. I’m working through the solo guitar career.

I went out to pick up a few groceries for Amanda this evening, and when I got back I went across the street to give Dave Narron some money for some work he did on the car a while back. I’ve been meaning to give it to him, but he’s usually either not home or I don’t have any money when I think about it. Anyway, when I went over there I saw a younger couple and some small kids hanging out in there. Bonnie said the girl had seen a picture we gave to Bonnie and Dave for Christmas two Christmases ago and asked how she knew Amanda. Bonnie told her she lived across the street. It turns out that the girl was a friend of Amanda’s from way back when, and she and her guy and their kids had moved into the a-frame house at the end of the street about a year ago. I hung out to chat a bit with everyone else and she went across the street to talk to Amanda. Pretty crazy small world, no?

After she left Amanda played a bit of an episode of Ellen then we watched American Idol and House before she went to bed.

So, tomorrow’s the big game. I feel oddly at ease about it, and yet anxious at the same time. I think what it is is that I really (of course) want Duke to win the game, but I’m trying to not get my expectations up. Ty Lawson may or may not play. A lot of analysts are favoring Carolina because of Duke’s lack of an inside presence, but they’ve also pointed that out with a lot of other teams who have presumably good post players, and Duke’s only loss was on a low-chance three. So I think if Duke can hang with them and shot decently (particularly from outside the arc) I think my Blue Devils stand a good chance. I think they’re more than capable of pulling off the win, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much. I should rephrase that: I’m just trying not to have any expectations one way or the other.

Zach Dotsey