So let’s see. We woke up and went to church this morning, then we went to breakfast with some friends from there. It was Kyle and Lorin Van Zandt, Dave Sapp, Mike and Kaitlyn Boscaljon, a friend of Kaitlyn’s who was in town visiting, and Nick and Amy Warkentein. We all went to Sweet & Savory again. We had a pretty nice time I think. We were waited on by a girl who looks a little like Jessica Freeman. I talked to her way long ago not long after Amanda and I moved here to Wilmington and she said she actually was from Nashville, NC and had homeroom with Joel Freeman, which is pretty funny.

I just let Harvey inside. I had looked around and realized he wasn’t back inside yet (I’d let him out a good bit ago) and when I called him in he trotted on up to the door with a doodie in his mouth. Nastiness. I had to pry his jaws open from the back to get him to let go of it. He really liked that doodie.

After church I took a decent nap while Amanda started painting in the stencils she put on the cupboard last night. She kept doing that while I finished up with the pictures I took at UNCW vs. JMU last night. She was finishing it up when the Carolina-Clemson game came on and she joined me in watching that when she was finally done. The cupboard looks really good with what she did.

The game was a little late because the UCLA-Washington game ran over. Washington upset the number four team. Seriously, ESPN and Fox Sports need to start scheduling their airing of games for two and a half hours instead of just two. Anyway, when the game came on Clemson had a pretty decent lead. The game hovered around an eight point lead for Clemson, getting as high as fifteen a few times. Then in the last seven minutes or so UNC went on a run and tied it up at the end of regulation.

Deja freakin’ vu, I said. You may recall that when these two met at Clemson Carolina won with a last second three pointer.

So overtime came and overtime went and the game went into a second overtime. At the end of regulation and the first OT Clemson had the ball for the last play but apparently Coach Oliver Purnell can’t draw up an effective last possession play. Anyway, second overtime came and Carolina won, 103-93. I know the only number that matters is the final score, but it sucks because Clemson outplayed Carolina pretty handily and they really could have used a bit of revenge for that first meeting this year. Plus, Clemson now has the most consecutive losses at a single opponent’s home court. In the 53 games Clemson has played against Carolina all-time, Clemson has now won none of them.

The craziest stat of the game was that Carolina took 36 free throws to Clemson’s seven. Seven! And since they’re so terrible at free throws they didn’t even make one of them until the second OT.

Enough of that. My pictures from the game last night are up online now. Check it out!

After the game Amanda and I watched Friday Night Lights.

I just heard on the news that 80 if North Carolina’s 100 counties had wildfires today, mostly due to high winds.

Zach Dotsey