Worked half the day, rode to Charlotte the other half.

Michael had to do a little running around- deposit check and get gas.  Got some McD’s on Leland and headed on to Charlotte.  Talked to Andra for a few minutes and wished Erin happy birthday.
We met Chris Flowers at a Panera for an early dinner and to pick up tickets for the game.  We found our way to the Bobcats Arena.  Had a good time watching the game.  Crowd was pretty split between Bobcats and Lakers.  Lakers won.

Had a hard time getting out.  First we started to look in the wrong parking lot then we had a time backing out of the spot we were in. We got out and tried to get into a turning lane, but the people didn’t let us over and laughed about it.  Actually turned out to be a good thing because we went down an extra block and skipped a lot of the traffic.  We got onto a freeway the wrong way too, but that also ended up saving us some time because we were able to turn around and go the right way while skipping the long line to turn to go the right way.
We stopped and got some gas and some snacks on the way out.  I tried my damnedest to stay awake to keep Michael some company for the drive back.  I made it to maybe 30 miles from Wilmington by slapping myself in the face a bit and talking as much as possible.

Amanda cleaned up a bit it seems.

Zach Dotsey