Amanda found out that there is a new Little Caesar’s Pizza not too far from our house at Castle Hayne and Kerr, so she picked up dinner from there tonight.  Michael joined us.  He got there as we were watching Supernatural and stayed to do some laundry and watch the first half of Carolina and Virginia.  Amanda bailed on the game and went to the office to watch American Idol.

Carolina is limping.  Their point guard, Ty Lawson, is out.  Their backup point guard, Bobby Frasor, tore his ACL early in the season and has been out.  Marcus Ginyard was playing hurt and Thompson (forgot his first name) looked like he got hurt a bit in this game.  Despite all that, Carolina won.  It was by one point, and it was to the worst team in the ACC, but they won nonetheless.  Dammit.

Amanda went to bed after she watched Idol and I stayed up to play a little Call of Duty 4 on Xbox Live.

Zach Dotsey