There was another campus shooting today, this time at Northern Illinois University.  It wasn’t as cold or deadly as the shooting at Virginia Tech last year, but it’s terrible nonetheless.  Five people plus the gunman were killed.  The killer was a grad student who last attended the university last year.  He just walked into a lecture hall and started shooting.  What the hell is wrong with people these days?  It’s like a sickness.
I took a break in the early afternoon to take Amanda some truffles for Valentine’s Day today. She was a bit surprised. It’s odd to me that almost everyone she works with is female but at least this year and last year nobody got anything at work.

The original plan for this evening was for everyone in our small group to meet up at Mike and Kaitlyn Boscaljon’s new apartment and do a fondue dinner. Rob and Kristen made Valentine’s Day plans ahead of time though, and Elliot and Melissa were out of town. His grandmother died recently and his godmother just died even more recently. That left me and Amanda and the Van Zandts, but both of them were sick. So we all decided to just meet Mike and Kaitlyn for dinner at Applebees. We had a nice time eating with them. We all ordered from the three course meal menu.

Afterwards Amanda and I came home and watched last night’s Ghost Hunters International and tonight’s Lost. A romantic evening, to be sure.

Zach Dotsey