I saw a video for a car that runs on air today.  I’d actually read about it a few months ago, but this was the first time I’ve seen it.  It’s being developed by a guy in France, goes pretty far and can (or is expected to) go up to 80 MPH.  It fills up from an air compressor in about three minutes.  The story I saw today didn’t mention this, but the article I read said that India looked to be an early adopter.

I set up a website for my good buddy Jason Revill some time ago so he could put his movie reviews online.  He also wanted Joel to put up some music reviews and me to put up some comic reviews.  At this point I’ve put up three.  We were talking about that today and he gave me a really good compliment.  He said that my first review was as good a comic review as could be written.  I felt pretty good about it, but the fact that he liked it that much meant a good bit to me.  That was for The Incredible Hercules #113.  I wrote one for an issue of The Boys and just the other day wrote another one for X-Force #1.  I didn’t feel as good about the one for The Boys, but Jason read it today and said it was pretty good too.  I think my X-Force one is better than that one, but it still doesn’t touch the review for Herc.  Really, it’s the best comic review ever.

Amanda and I went to Blake and Steph Konny’s tonight for a get together.  They live in an apartment above the garage of Steph’s… brother or sister, I can’t remember.  They decorated it themselves and though it’s small it’s nice.  We met several friends of theirs tonight as well, most of them from their small group.  I feel bad that I can’t remember everyone’s names so I won’t name everyone, but Amanda and I talked a lot with Tyler and Anna.  Tyler has the same birthday as me, which was pretty cool.  I think we were about on the same wavelength for a lot of the games we played too.  I talked a bit of comics with Justin, another one of their friends.
Blake and Stephanie had ingredients for ice cream sundaes which we all ate and enjoyed, then we all played some games.  We started off with a game that has a couple different names, but we decided to call it Blake’s Game.  In it, you split up into two teams.  Everyone writes down three names and puts them into a hat.  The teams then take turns drawing names from the hat then trying to describe the person whose name they drew until their team guesses it.  They go through as many names as they can in a minute then the other team gets to go.  After all the names are used up you count the number of names the teams got right then you start the second round.  In the second round you can’t talk but have to act out the name.  In the third round you can only say one word to describe the person you’ve drawn.

That game was a lot of fun.  Amanda got kinda screwed on her first team because for some reason nobody on her team knew who Mick Jagger is and she got his name second.  It was guys versus girls, and the poor ladies got dominated.

After that we played a game that… Katie? suggested.  In this one each person secretly picks the name of one celebrity then one person reads each name one time.  After that you go around the room guessing who picked which names.  If you guess a person correctly they join your team.  The winner is the person whose team correctly guesses the last remaining person.  Amanda picked Tyler Hansbrough as a name in the second game, figuring there was no way I’d think she’d pick him.  I picked Lou Diamond Phillips and Peter Sellers.
Then we played Apples to Apples for a while.  Amanda ended up with one green card, which she got when I picked her card just shortly before we left.

All in all we had a really good time tonight.  I think we met several people that we may end up hanging out with more in the future.

It turns out that seven people died as a result of the shooting yesterday.

Zach Dotsey