I think I fell asleep on the floor for a little bit last night.  I was going to go to bed and I had let Harvey out and I was going to the office to get Bruce to put him outside too.  Earlier Bruce had been digging around in Harvey’s bed as though he was trying to find a blanket, but there’s not one on it.  I took his bed, the closest thing I could find, turned it upside-down and put it on top of him, which he seemed satisfied with.  When I went to get him he was still there and I laid down on the floor to look at him under it and pet him.  Anyway, I think I fell asleep while doing that.  The next thing I knew I heard Harvey scratching at the door and, while I don’t remember what the time was, when I looked at the clock getting into bed it was much later than I thought it should be.

Amanda and I started out the Saturday like most any other Saturday then I went outside to rake the backyard for the first time of the year while Amanda went to pick up bagels from Atlanta Bread.  Actually, before I got started Scott called me and asked if I’d be able to take care of an issue for a client.  He’d have normally done it himself, he said, but he was taking his wife to the doctor because she had the flu and he had his two little girls with him.  Wasn’t a huge deal.  I took care of the client and he was pretty happy I’d say.

I spent the next couple hours listening to music on the iPhone and raking the yard.  I discovered that there’s a statewide burn ban on right now, which sucks.  I’ve got too many leaves to just pile up on the side of the yard and even if we could bag them all (which would probably take a whole box of bags) our trash service doesn’t pick them up.  Right now I’ve got several large piles of leaves out in the yard and I’m hoping that the burn ban will end soon.

I took some time to watch Carolina play Virginia Tech, but I was disgusted by it so I went back to raking the leaves.  The Tar Heels ended up winning 92-53.  Ouch.  And Deron Washington didn’t even pull any of his thug antics.  I thought there’d at least be some sort of spectacle in that.

After the game Amanda and I turned the bed around so that it’s now parallel to the front wall.  We thought about doing that when we first moved in but decided not to because we thought it might look awkward.  It’s rather nice though, and frees up some floorspace.
Amanda’s parents came by.  Phil made a new TV stand (for the new TV) and we were celebrating Karen’s birthday. Well, the receiver was just a tad too long to fit into the new cabinet, so we had to cut the back out of it.  Phil and I ad run to Lowe’s already to get a hole saw for the drill, so he just cut a number of consecutive holes out in the back and that took care of that.  It took me a little while to get everything properly set back up, and by that time Amanda and Karen had run off to get the bar-b-que dinner from Smithfield’s already.  I hooked it all up so we could watch UNCW play at George Mason on ESPNU.

We finished dinner and Karen and Phil left to go back home while the rest of us finished watching the game.  It was close the whole time and UNCW won on a basket as the time was running out.

Michael took off then and Amanda and I watched some TV.  Since I’m directing at church tomorrow I went on up to bed at 9:30.

Zach Dotsey