When I went to deposit my check at the bank today I saw a person changing a price sign at a gas station. The price was $3.11 and they were taking down the final 1. I waited to see what they were going to put up and it ended up being a 4. Ugh. I mentioned that when I went inside and the teller, he asked me, “Was that for premium?”

“No,” I said. “Regular.” I think I gave the people in the bank something to talk about for a bit after that. I hate that. Monday I filled up the Jetta and the price was $3.04 per gallon. Some people say that the price of a gallon of gas is still cheaper than a gallon of milk, but I think that’s a crap perspective. I buy one gallon of milk and it lasts up to about two weeks, but how many gallons of gas do you use in a month?

Yesterday, Mike and Kaitlyn said they wanted to reschedule the fondue party they were planning on having for Valentine’s Day to tomorrow. I remembered (or was reminded) that we were going to a party to celebrate Kristen being accepted to nursing school Saturday, so I sent Kaitlyn an e-mail saying we wouldn’t be able to go. I got a text message from her this afternoon saying she hadn’t read my e-mail yet, but that they were going to have to cancel the fondue party. I called her up and told her we had actually had other plans anyway and asked what had come up for them. Kaitlyn told me that she and Mike had previously been invited to go to a party to celebrate the acceptance to nursing school of a girl they knew. I said, “Oh, Kristen? Cool, I guess we’ll see you guys tomorrow afterall.” I thought it was a little funny.

I had long hair for a while up until about a year and two months ago.  I cut it and fully intended to donate it to Locks of Love.  A couple days ago I found that hair in a bag.  I put it into a new bag (I think Bruce had chewed up the other one a little bit) and fully intended to take it to the post office today.  You’ll notice a trend with these “fully intended” events in that I don’t get around to completing them.  In this case I didn’t complete it because when I left Harvey along for a few minutes he found it and tore the bag up and got the hair all out of its band.  I had to throw it away, which makes me a bit sad on two levels.
It started raining again this evening. I hope all the rain gets out of the system before next weekend, because I don’t know what we’re going to do with fifty people here if we can’t use our backyard next Saturday. I hope it’s not too bad tomorrow either because I still need to clear out all the leaves I raked up.  I also need to get our taxes done.
Amanda and I decided, since it was nasty out, to stay in and take it easy. We watched Supernatural and Ghost Hunters International. Adam called and said that he and Renee were going to see a production of Cyrano de Bergerac. I’d meant to look into going to that and he offered to see if tickets were still available, but Amanda and I were too comfy to leave the house. Nick Warkentein also called up and asked if Amanda and I wanted to go to dinner with him and Amy, but we’d just eaten. I really liked that they thought of asking us to join them though. I like those kids.

Erin called earlier today and told me that she was definitely coming back and would be flying in to Charlotte so she could come up here with Andra, Josh and Jackson (whom Adam and I are conspiring to call Jack Jack just to bug Andra). She plans on looking for jobs in Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham (not Raleigh-Durham) and Wilmington.

Andra called not long after Erin did and we talked for a few minutes. Actually, Andra mostly talked and I mostly listened. So I talked to all my siblings today. That’s pretty cool.
Michael came over right before Ghost Hunters finished up after getting off work and we just talked and watched TV and stuff. We also showed Amanda a couple Angry Nintendo Nerd videos. He’s a guy who reviews crappy old Nintendo games. It can be pretty funny.

Zach Dotsey