The weather got a little nasty today.  It was pretty chilly and rainy, and when we went out to meet the small group at McAllister’s it was just about freezing to the windshield.  Nasty, nasty.

At work today Scott had me do some exercises in PHP as part of me learning how to do a little programming.  I’m figuring out little things slowly but surely. Really, that’s the best way to learn something- to just jump in and do it.  That’s how I learned Photoshop, just playing around with it and just coming across tips and tricks to learn new things.  Actually, it all started with a game on the Nintendo 64- MarioPaint.  It was a low end graphics program really, and it taught me a lot of basics in digital imaging.


For small group, as I mentioned, we met at McAllister’s.  Everyone was there but Kyle, who has been fighting sickness for about a week now.  We had a nice meeting I think.  Since everyone but Mike and Kaitlyn was working on food I passed the study material to Kaitlyn and she did a nice job leading the discussion.

We came home after that and Amanda watched American Idol while I spent a little time in the room off the hallway to the right.  (That’s the bathroom, for anyone who hasn’t been to the house.)  My first sister, Erin, texted me a couple times, so I had a text conversation with her until I finished up in there.  I gave her a call and it turns out that she is in fact moving back to North Carolina, and quit possibly in time for my birthday party next weekend.  She also talked to Chris Reeves tonight, which she was a little excited about.

Chris is a friend of mine from, I’d say we go back to middle school, maybe a bit in sixth grade (which was at the elementary school up until the year I was in it, which was nice because when my class went to middle school we didn’t have to start out as the youngest kids there).  I had actually talked to Chris myself earlier in the night, which happens once every several months.  He’s moving to Austin, Texas on March 10th to go work on a new MMORPG for Bioware, makers of Mass Effect.  Should be a pretty sweet gig for him.

After American Idol went off Amanda and I watched Lost.  I’m really enjoying that show. She went to bed then I played some Call of Duty 4.  Michael was on at the beginning but his Xbox 360 messed up so he got off to hang out with his roommate, Matt Carter.  I did terrible in a couple games, including one where Matt (who was playing on Michael’s account) did better than I did.  Overall though I averaged more kills than I previously have been I think.

Zach Dotsey