Man, Duke just lost again.  96-95 to Miami.  Miami.  That’s back-to-back losses (which isn’t very Duke-like in the first place) to mediocre ACC teams.  Demoralizing, really.  It’s actually more demoralizing to think that Duke was down 20 in the second half and made a huge comeback, but they didn’t play like that enough to win.  So many couldas and shouldas.  I think the biggest problem was turnovers, and then there was another cold streak where Miami went on a 15-0 run.  This is the second time Miami has ever beat Duke.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if this Duke team wasn’t looking as hot as they were just a week ago.  Coach K actually apologized to the fans in his post-game comments.  It’s just… demoralizing.  You’d have thought after losing to Wake that they’d come out fired up, but no.  The next game is St. John’s.  Please please please make that a statement game.

With the anti-Duke sentiment in the media I wouldn’t be surprised if Duke dropped to tenth place or something in next week’s polls.

Of course Carolina beat State at the RBC Center.  I didn’t see the game (I was shooting the UNCW-Georgia State game where at least one team I was pulling for tonight won) but apparently NC State played a good first half and were up by six until Carolina came back to finish the half up three.  They ended up winning by 14 I think.

Duke would have lost by four, but Demarcus Nelson made a crazy three point shot at the buzzer.  Too bad it didn’t matter.  Effin’ a, this tears me up.  Dammit.

I did have a good time shooting the UNCW game.  I didn’t take nearly as many pictures, but I think I got more quality out of them.  I stuck with using my 50mm lens the whole time.  There’s a lot less noise in those pictures.

Scott gave me a few PHP assignments today.  I got one totally right.  The second I got partially right.  It worked, but there is an error warning on the page.

Erin’s probably moving back to North Carolina from Portland, Oregon.  I’m not sure exactly when though.  It might be before my birthday party or it might be a little later in March.  She got invited to go to San Diego with some friends without having to pay, so she may come back after that.

I’m done.

Zach Dotsey